Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Biblical Interpretation: GOOD BYE!

YES - I have finally emailed the last two papers to my professor and this course is finally over!!! Not before time either, because I have now exactly 15 days to learn everything I need to for my five-week-reading-course ... *gulp* Still, I feel pretty good tonight, because even though I'm stressed out over the reading course and have quite a severe headache, at least I'm done with the Biblical Interpretation course!
Way Too Happy
Today has been rather rough though ...
I was working like crazy on the last paper yesterday ... I kept going until midnight, and by then I couldn't put a Swedish sentence together, so I stumbled to bed and fell asleep at about 12.30 ... had the alarm set at 4 a.m. and stumbled up. Was at work again at 4.45 and kept writing until 6, when I was ready to print my draft and get ready.
Lectures at 8, and I was feeling more dead than alive, so I had a bit of a hard time focusing ...
We were done at 10 and then I sat for almost 3 hours in the library, and started reading a book for my reading-course.
Another Old Testament lecture at 1, and by this time I was really worn out. Five students presented their interpretation-papers, so I didn't have to be quite so focused, which was kind of lucky, because I tended to drift away at times ... *ooops*
We were done at three, and then I ran some errands in town, before taking the train home. By then I was completely out-of-it, and I had a pretty bad dizzy spell on the city bus home, actually so bad I was afraid I was going to faint - and I never feel like that, not even during a panic attack ... so I guess I really was a bit too tired!
I got home with a pretty bad headache, so it took me about 1½ hours to get it reduced to bareable. Then Johanna called, which made it a bit better, and we started talking about tomorrow, when we're going on a picnic to a famous Swedish [former] castle, called Sofiero!! I feel a bit too stressed out to be completely happy about it, but after talking to Johanna, I really started to look forward to it as well! :) (Will bring back pictures tomorrow) Also good we're meeting early, because I can't afford to make it a late night - with a hangover the next day (particularly as I have lectures at 8!!)!

After Johanna called my mood improved a bit, so I changed the last details, and added a few paragraphs I had missed, to my two Biblical Interpretation papers, and actually sent them!!!!! Which means I'm FINALLY done with this course!!! It has been very tough getting through it (even though I've enjoyed it) and it has seriously felt like I've never ever gotten done, but now I finally finally AM DONE!
I have also decided that should this not be enough, and I will have to do more, or add or change things in order to pass, it will have to wait until August!! I can not give this course any more time, I must focus everything on getting the reading course going now ... so even if that means my grade will have to wait until August - so be it! And the positive side of it is: I can truly, truly say that I have left the Biblical Interpretations course behind me now!!!!
Now I almost only have one course to focus on ... pretty cool! Cool

My mind is feeling pretty out-of-it now, so I'm gonna go to bed early tonight - and hopefully get some work done on the reading course tomorrow before heading off on picnic! :)
Take care, guys!

Today's Blog Dedication:To Christopher Lee, who celebrates his 86th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Mr. Lee! (To me he will always be Bond villian Scaramanga, but below is a graphic of him as Saruman from 'Lord of the Rings')

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Jexxie said...

Hej! Tack för din kommentar. Vi får se till att ses. Två år sedan sist ju. Kram på dig

Jessica said...

Ah, det är ju helt LÄSKIGT att det var så länge sen vi sågs!!!!! *yikes*
Den här terminen har varit totally crazy för mig, men vi måste verkligen försöka ses nåt i sommar!!!!!