Sunday, 25 May 2008

Rough Weekend!

Sorry about the lack of updates here lately ... this weekend hasn't been much fun at all!
I haven't been feeling very well, neither physically nor mentally, so it's been sort of a mess, and I have fallen even more behind on my studies! *deep sigh*
I think I honestly am trying, these days it just seems that no matter how much I do, it's never ever enough ....

I have more or less finished one paper, but I have about 250 pages to read and another paper to write, before I can even start on my reading course ... they estimate you need five weeks to complete such a course, and tomorrow, it's 2½ weeks until my exam ... way to go - NOT!!

I'll try not to be too depressing, I know I have had a semester better than anything I could have dreamed about, and most of my social phobia problems are still more or less gone now, I cope with things hardly without thinking about them, which is REALLY amazing ... it would just be such a terrible blow if I fail with everything now in the last minute ...
And there I go being negative again ... sorry ...

I'd better write about something completely different than studies now (though I find it hard to find such topics these days!)!
I recieved some photos of my younger sisters the other day and I HAD to scan them - they have grown sooooo much, particularly I (the youngest)!!!

Two outdoor girls!
(I just adore I's hat, I bought it to her for Christmas ... sooo cute!)

Two BIG girls! :)

Rather than falling back to my previous negative writing, I think I'd better sign off with these cute pictures and head back to my books! :)

My Life At The Moment!
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My Plans for tomorrow: Full-day study-session at the library


The Darkest Night said...

adorable photos!! big "I" is getting!! How old is she now?
oh and i love the hat! :)

Jessica said...

Yeah, "I" is growing fast now!! She's about 1 year, 4½ months. She's walking and running, can get her boots on by herself and say almost 20 words! *LOL* (Yes, I am a proud big sister!! *lol*)

The Darkest Night said...

that's really amazing!! seems like only yesterday she was born! (to be honest doesn't seem that long ago that M was born...yikes!)