Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Trying Hard To Keep My Sanity!

Okay, maybe it's not all that bad, but I do feel rather drained of most everything right now. I'm in kind of a weird spot actually, because I still REALLY like what I do, I've truly found my passion, I enjoy demanding courses and stuff that forces me to really learn and connect and create something - and at the same time I'm completely exhausted and totally stressed out, meaning I'm kind of upset at all the demanding courses that forces me to do lots of things! *lol* Life sure is confusing these days! :)

We had Old Testament lectures this morning, and I'm in a bit of a problem with that course now. We're supposed to start on parts of Isaiah tomorrow, and while I have prepared most of the texts for tomorrow, I have prepared none for Friday, and I simply won't have the time to do it tomorrow ... *yikes* I know it's not really required of me, and lots of students that take the course "for real" aren't prepared, but I know I feel better when I am, and I also find it easier to follow the lecture and get good notes if I am prepared. Unfortunately I've already gone beyond the possibilty of pulling even one single all-nighter right now, I need at least five hours, hopefully more, every night to function now ... *sigh* Not much to do, I guess.

I got some work done in the library afterwards, the book that didn't exist yesterday and suddenly appeard today, three copies of it! *lol* So at least I could get that part done! I've worked on it at home as well, and while I'm not "finished" in any sense of the word, at least I know I have something to present and discuss at the seminar tomorrow - and that's the main thing. Also, since I have Old Testament lectures 8-10 and the seminar is at 1, I will get 3 hours in the library tomorrow as well, to work on it some more ...

Oh yeah - Sweden made it to semi-finals in the Ice Hockey Championships after beating the Czech Republic, in sudden death! It was a really exciting game, I should have studied, but I at least had to watch the third period and the sudden death! YAY Sweden!!! :)

And speaking of getting five hours sleep (preferably more) per night, and the fact that I have to get up at 4 a.m. ... I should go to bed now!
Good night!

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The Darkest Night said...

i know what you mean... pulling an all-nighter might work once in a while, but if you're busy for a longer period of time it just doesn't work...

anyway, hang in there sis! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hej! Känner också att jag håller på att bli GALEN, så vi kan vara det ihop! 8)
Det finns mycket man vill göra en vacker vårkväll som den här och att sitta inne och skriva är INTE en av de sakerna!! Nåja....hang in there säger jag också! That's all u can do! hejja oss!
Kram/ Sara

Jessica said...

the darkest night: Thanks! And yeah, you're right - there's a limit to the all-nighters, especially since you have to be at lectures pretty much every day!

Sara: Låter bra, vi kan spärras in i cellerna bredvid varandra, så kan vi i alla fall prata med varandra! :D
Ja, det är bara att 'hang in there', för oss båda två (fast du blir klar med ditt före mig, din luring! *lol*) ... och nu ser man ju i alla fall ett SLUT på det, eller hur?! :)