Friday, 9 May 2008

Final Date Is Set!

I had Old Testament lectures this morning, and I got the chance to speak to the professor about my Reading course, that I'm taking for him as well. We decided on a date for my exam, which will be the last thing I'll do during this very eventful semester. Part of me wanted to put it fairly early - the sooner you can get summer vacation the better, right?! :) - but part of me also knew that I'm have serious problems getting everything done, especially now since I'm actually doing three courses at the same time! So I decided to push it the other way instead, so the date is set to June 12th! *gulp* I think that will work out, I have a ton of work to do for Biblical Interpretation now, so I won't have much time to work on my reading course - but hopefully I'll get rid of the Biblical Interpretation stuff fairly soon ... we're supposed to be done with it on May 21st, but I have a feeling I might be handing one or two papers in a bit late ... but I should have it all done by around May 25th, and that gives me a bit over 2 whole weeks to get through the rest of the reading course - so I hope I can manage that!

Otherwise, not much new to report here ... Old Testament lectures like I said this morning, they are always very interesting, and even though I'm up to my ears in work right now, I will definately miss those lectures (who would have thought that considering what I went through on that course last spring?!!!!!)!! The professor on that course will retire this summer (or early fall) and it's a real shame, because he's one of the better ones I've ever had. I think he'll stick around anyway, after all, professors don't really retire, do they, but I know he won't teach anymore! Makes me very happy I decided to take this course again, while he's still running it!!

Otherwise I've tried to work on the Biblical Interpretation Essay most of the day ... it's coming along, but very slowly! I had intended to stay at Uni today, working in the library, since there are some books there I'm gonna need, but I've been bothered by headaches pretty much every day now, and I don't dare risking it turning into another migraine, so I had to go home right after lectures. I can sit during Monday morning, but I'm still not sure I'll be done with everything before the seminar! It seems we'll only discuss/present our essays in smaller groups, so I hope I won't get into too much trouble if I haven't completely finished it.

I spoke to my Dad tonight, and he told me my oldest sister, M, had spent a great deal of today thinking about Zorro ... she kept asking him questions; "What do you think Zorro is doing now, Dad?" .... "Dad, is it summer soon, so Zorro will come and visit us?" Is she adorable or what?!?!
Still don't know anything about summer, but I have a feeling it will be rather intense. I want to spend time with my families and in the summerhouse, I need to spend some time at home, partly hanging out with friends, partly writing an entire essay, I'd love to visit Annika as I haven't seen her properly in ages, there's talk of planning a London trip which can - hopefully - be fairly easily arranged from where my Dad live (then he and his family can take care of Zorro, so I don't have to worry about that) - and my Dad and the family also wants to plan some kind of vacation, hopefullly combining that with visiting me here ... eh, confusing? Oh yeah!!
Still, I'll try not to think too much about that right now, my brain is occupied enough trying to get through the last of my studies!

Also on a short note, tomorrow my thoughts will be with a friend from the Old Testament-course who's getting married tomorrow! All the Best!!

Take care everyone, hope you're enjoying your Friday night!

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The Darkest Night said...

Yeah you REALLY have to come for a visit this summer!!! Seems like forever since I last saw you (except for our Christmas traditions)... must have been like 3 years or more since you were here last...and you still haven't seen my new yes... COME FOR A VISIT!!! :)

Jessica said...

Yeah I know ... it's been forever!! I REALLY hope I can fit it in with all the planning and children and cars and cats and essays and vacations and whatnot! *lol* Let's keep our fingers crossed, right?! :)

The Darkest Night said...

*fingers crossed* I really hope you'll be able to come :)

Jessica said...

Absolutely! I hope so too ... and keeping it in mind already should make it easier in the whole "let's-plan-the-entire-summer-without-going-insane" talks that we will eventually have! :)

The Darkest Night said...

yes, i really hope so!! Would be great to get to see you this summer!

I really need to sit down next week and plan my vacation.. 5 weeks sounded like much, but right now I have no idea how to fit everything in that i want to do.. but then again you never know.. i might just end up sulking in my apartment for 3 weeks lol

Jessica said...

Yeah, I know how you mean, I should plan my summer too (some complications might arise), as things are rather messy now - but I simply HAVE to finish at Uni first, everything kind of HAS to wait now ...
Hey, NO sulking - at least not if I'm coming for a visit, okay?! :D