Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Celebration At Sofiero!

Today we had our big celebration at Sofiero Castle, a little bit north of Helsingborg!! Feeling just a little odd, since I have about two weeks left before I've finished this semester, but at least I could celebrate having sent in my last two papers on the Biblical Interpretations course!!

I met up with Sara, Johanna and Helene in Helsingborg, and it didn't take long before we reached Sofiero - and it was absolutely beautiful!!! A wonderful park, where everything was in full bloom - fantastic to see!! I could have photographed forever, but I tried to restrain myself a bit!!

We walked around for a while, and I really want to back and explore it further, I really liked it!! We found a nice lawn with a view of the ocean for our picnic and really had a lovely time! Just one little thing that wasn't that great, namely the fact that I knew I still have a lot of studying left, and I also knew that I'm gonna have to get up at 4 a.m. tomorrow for Old Testament lectures ... so I couldn't quite relax properly, and I also didn't drink much at all (I think it was two glasses of wine the whole time!) ... which made it a little less fun ... Okay, that sounded horrible, but if I had been able to relax more, I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more ... :) Still, I will be able to relax after the 12th!

I totally enjoyed the day, but the others decided to continue with a BBQ (along with Johanna's fiancé Per) tonight, but I really felt I had to go home. Unfortunately, due to the heat and the wine - and not enough water - I developed a throbbing headache - which I haven't managed to get rid of! That's why this entry will be shorter than I originally intended, but I at least wanted to write something about this day - and also show you some of the photographs! :)
Hopefully, I'll be able to write more about this in another entry, and also show more photos - I'm hoping I might get some photos in the mail from Sara and Helene, who also had their cameras!

Despite the headache - and the not-being-able-to-relax-properly-part of the day, I had a really wonderful time, and I consider myself very lucky to have friends like these to spend time with! (Something I couldn't even have imagined just two years ago!)

Today's Blog Dedication: To Helene, Johanna and Sara - for spending some quality time together! :)

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Jexxie said...

Ja det borde vi! Kanske efter att jag har flyttat. Jag ska till Los Angeles den 25 aug, men kanske precis innan eller efter jag kommit hen? Hörs Kram Jessica

Jessica said...

Absolut!! Vi får höras av ... har ingen aning om hur min sommar blir, planering känns mest förvirrande nu, men vi får absolut höras av! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Beautiful photos! looks like you all had a lovely time! :)

Jessica said...

Yeah, it was wonderful! Would have been even better had I been able to relax properly ... but it was a GREAT day - and Sofiero was SO beautiful!!!