Thursday, 15 May 2008

Kind of Mad!

Today has been a very up-and-down day ... so I'm not quite sure how I feel - but I am mad! (Details will follow)

Old Testament lecture this morning, as usual. Nothing special happened there, so there's not much to elaborate on. At 10 I went to the library, trying to work on the Biblical Interpretation Final Paper. It was ever so slow, but at least I managed to get something done! Also met a few nice people (mostly from the course) to talk to!

We had the seminar at 1, and I think it worked a bit better this time, I felt the discussions going on were more rewarding, and I got some hints and ideas on what to look for when I complete my paper!
We gathered when it was about 20 minutes left, and there came the sorce of my madness. I really like this professor, he's very nice and helpful and friendly ... but he tends to be over-ambitious!! When we got the instructions for this paper it was quite a lot to do - mostly reflecting on your own person and background and how and why you choose to interpret the text as you do, but also a lot of litterature to take into account! However, the page limit was 6 pages, no more. I can understand a page limit, it's there for a good reason, but it felt difficult to be able to cover everything in 6 pages. And since then, he's added more and more and more and more stuff we're supposed to do!!! And that totally upsets me! You should without a doubt give all the instructions at the same time!!!!!!! I certainly appreciate help and advice later on, on how you should proceed with your work, but you should not include new assignments one time after another. This time we got some major questions - like "What is text?", "What status to do you give your text?", "What is the text's context in your perspective of interpretation?" (yes, these are direct translations - he actually talks that way!!) Gee, having such a discussion could easily cover a few pages!!
I really do understand that he wants to limit us, otherwise this paper can turn into something huge, but you must make it reasonable!! If we are to have a decent discussion about everything he says we should include, there is no way possible to limit it to six pages - it's impossible! And how do you know what to leave out, when the professor actually tells you to do it?!!?
*frustration big time*

Sorry about my little outburst, but this has really bothered me all day!! I really like this course, it fits me perfectly, it's interesting and demanding, and I've learned a lot about myself as a person, and how I tend to look at things and interpret things (and not only Biblical texts!), and that is going to be a great help in the future - but to handle an assignment in this way is not good!

One nice thing about Biblical Interpretation is that we decided to have a picnic after the last lecture, which is next Wednesday! :) A bit ironic though - I'm going to three "end-of-semester-celebrations" now, one for Biblical Interpretation, one with some friends (a bit more 'private'), and one for Old Testament (the professor is retiring, so we're his last group, and he decided to invite us to a buffé to celebrate the end of the semester and the end of teaching for him!) - but none of them take place after I'm actually done with this semester!!!
Biblical Interpretation is on Wednesday, my friends are I are 'celebrating' on May 28th and the Old Testament-group will have their get-together on June 2nd ... and my final exam isn't until June 12th! *lol*
Still, I have done SO well this semester, I have every cause to celebrate, even though I'm not done with everything! :)

Otherwise, not much to report! I should have prepared about 20 Bible verses for Old Testament tomorrow, but they were quite difficult and I'm totally exhausted now, so I'm gonna get to bed. Hopefully I can get up early tomorrow, catch an early train, and get some studying done at Uni before lectures (if I leave here at about 6.30, I can be at the Deparment around 7.25, which should at least give me a solid half hour for studies!
Good night!

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