Thursday, 29 May 2008

Good And Bad And ... Confusing!

A confusing day today, to say the least! Most things good, some things bad and ... confusion!

We had Old Testament lectures at 8 this morning, and I was sooo tired, I'm actually surprise I made it to Uni - but I did!
Afterwards I started talking to a couple of other students. We started talking earlier this semester about collecting money and buying something for our professor at the end of the semester. For one thing, he's put up with all of us for an entire semester (*lol*), and second, he's retiring, so we will be the last class he'll ever teach!
We decided on collecting money, and after that, our professor decided he'd have a gathering-buffe'-thingy for all of us after the last lecture (on Monday), so that will be the perfect time to deliver our gift. Anyway, I started talking to them again today, and apparently, they more or less assumed I was in on it in an 'organizing capacity', just like them, because we were the ones who started talking about it - so all of a sudden, without hardly realizing what happened, I was deeply involved in deciding what we should buy and how we should arrange it, and before long, we headed off on a shopping spree! *lol*
We did really well actually, and found what we wanted to in about 1½ hours inbetween lectures, which felt really great!! Also, very new for me, to be so involved in something! It's not like I haven't contributed before, but I've usually wanted to take a backseat to everything - and now all of a sudden I found myself in the middle of it! Can't say that I absolutely loved it - but I didn't hate it either! :)

New lecture at 1.15 - or rather interpretation-presentations ... very intresesting, but I think there's been a little mistake in the lesson plan, putting these interpretations this late in the semester, because nobody bothers except with their own, and I think the point was that you were supposed to learn from the others as well ... Guess that might be something to think about in the future ...

We were done at about 2.50 p.m. but unforutnatley I haven't gotten much done at all this afternoon ... *ooops* I was totally exhausted when I got home, so I figured I could do some cleaning - which is very neccessary - as it doesn't require as much concentration as Hebrew studies ... but I haven't gotten much done at all! :( (that would be the 'bad' part of the title!)
I had hoped to stay home tomorrow, but since I didn't get much done today - not this afternoon, and I hardly had time to study inbetween lectures either, as we were busy hunting for gifts! - I figure I should be at Uni at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning for a full-study-day tomorrow!

And speaking of which - I should really head off to bed now so I can manage to get up tomorrow morning!!!
Take care!

Today's Blog Dedication: To Zorro - for being the best cat and the best friend EVER (even though I get tired and yell like an idiot at times!)

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