Thursday, 8 May 2008

In For An Intense Weekend!

While I feel I have gotten back from my own personal 'black hole' now, and I've had a really good day today, unfortunately my studies aren't going as well as I'd like them to ... I have fallen very far behind, and I'm having serious difficulty focusing and concentrating the way I should.

We have to present a major paper on Monday, for Biblical Interpretation - it's not supposed to be the final paper, but a finished one is to be presented in smaller groups, so we can give each other feedback and hints on what to improve, before we write the final draft ... and I've hardly even started!! *gasp* It is really interesting stuff, but I can't help but wish I didn't have to stress through it so much ... But I definately know I won't be doing anything besides studying these three days that's left now. I had some vague hope of getting home early tomorrow, as it's Friday, but I quickly realized that a lot of the books I need for the paper are only avaliable at the library, so I'm guessing I'll be stuck there all day tomorrow ... *yawn* Ah well, I really really really do want to finish the semester in a good way, so I guess I'll just have to do what it takes, right?! ;)

Anyway, today has been a really good day, so I'm hoping I can get some energy from that! I am having problems getting up at 4 a.m. though, which is why I'm going to make this an early night and head off to bed. I slept very poorly last night, it took a long time before I could fall alseep, and only after half an hour I woke up from a terrible nightmare, I was practically scared to death and completely froze - it sounds crazy I know, for a 30-year-old to wake up so terrified from a nightmare, I could hardly move ... but I guess some dreams really get to you!
I'm hoping for a calmer night tonight though!

Take care!

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