Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Into A Black Hole - And Back!

It certainly feels like I've been into a black hole these past few days, but it seems I've made my way back now! :)
I spent most of Monday studying, and during the late afternoon I was going to review an article, as I had a group presentation on that on Tuesday morning. I had had a headache more or less all day, and it quickly developed into a purely horrible migraine!! There was no way I could get anything done, so I stumbled to bed and set my alarm to 2 a.m. hoping that most of the headache/migraine would be gone, and I would be able to finish the presentation then ... and no, it didn't work! (Guess I hadn't really thought it would work either ...) I was in just as much pain when I woke up - and most of Tuesday!!
Since every moment on that course (Biblical Interpretation) is mandatory, and I had left my group hanging, I had to spend some time trying to apologize to all the other group memebers, as well as trying to get hold of the teacher and work out some alternate solution to this whole article-thing.
It did work out - I'm gonna have a personal meeting with him and discuss it later - but the whole migraine attack and all it's consequences really came at the worst possible moment in my life!
Though hardly surprising I suppose, considering how much strain I'm under now ...

I couldn't do anything at all yesterday apart from lying in my bed ... great day - not!!
Still, I started getting better last night, and even though studies was out of the question, at least I felt I was over the worse ...

Now I'm hopefully back on track again - so I can catch up on ever more lost time!! I was at Old Testament-lectures this morning, and had intended to stay at Uni to study. However, after merely half an hour, my headache was starting to come back - GAH!!! I immediately went home, ate a little, took a load of pills, and slept for almost two hours - and that did the trick! *yes!!*

I have managed to get some studies done this afternoon and tonight, which feels good - but I'm still WAAAAAY behind on pretty much everything, so I don't think I'll feel "good" about my life until this whole mess is over - because at least I know I have done what I could then ... now I'm just generally frustrated about pretty much everything ....

Also watched pits and pieces of the Ice Hockey World Championships tonight - but rather wish I hadn't!! Sweden lost to Switzerland and thereby lost the first place in the first group play! *deep sigh* I didn't watch the entire game, but it certainly didn't feel like Sweden gave all they really could ... ah well - the world doesn't end because of a hockey game, right?! :)

Tomorrow I'm up early for Old Testament lectures again, and then I'm hoping to be able to get some studying done at the library, so fingers crossed for no more headaches, right?! ;)

Take care!

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