Saturday, 10 January 2009

'Cause Little People Grow!

Here an entry on my adorable younger sisters - and I have to say I think the title is more than accurate. They certainly grow A LOT ... and FAST! :)

The older one, 'M', is 4½ years old now, time sure does fly!
I think she's grown a lot over their long vacation, she seemed really different when I saw her this Christmas! It's still 100% intensity and an impatience if she doesn't have anything to do that she enjoys ... but she still seems more grown-up then before. And she actually can sit still and listen to a story or watch cartoons on TV. I didn't get that many great photos of her, she has the same 'photo-gene' as me and my Dad and tend to make funny faces or close her eyes in almost every picture.

The little one, 'I', is not so little any more. Fact of the matter is, she turns 2 years old tomorrow! Amazing! She's the regular little darling right now, and that age is SO wonderful. She's talking quite a lot, and putting whole sentences together. She does have a remarkable vocabulary, and I remember 'M' had that too. 'I' does have a little bit of her own pronunciation and intonation which makes it even more cute! :) She can say Zorro but does have difficulties with "Jessica". 'M' was the same, she used to call me "Hecka" for a while! *lol* 'I' has her own way, and calls me 'Eckia' or 'Jeckia' which isn't all too bad! :)

Various photos, including some singing, dancing and playing on 'M's toy piano!

When we got a gorgeous winter day it was decided we would take the kids out so 'M' would get to try on her ice skates! She got them for Christmas last year, but the weather made it impossible for her to try them.
We went and lucky for all of us, it was very kid-friendly! They had these really cool penguins with handles on, on skates, for the kids to hold on to, and 'M' just loved it! She had so much fun, and did really really well. 'I' spent most of her time in the playing ground, but she did get to try "Pingu" as well ... and just look at that face! :)

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