Friday, 9 January 2009


I don't know when - or if ever - I will catch up on my blogging ... I had intended to write a few entries during the afternoon, but I received some really bad news when I got back from Uni, so I haven't really felt like it.

It's my Dad's birthday today, and naturally I phoned him this morning to congratulate him, even though we saw each other yesterday. It felt like he was rather short-spoken, but I didn't think much of it, I figured I must have interupted them during their morning routine or something.
He called me as soon as I got back from Uni, with sad news. A person very close to my Dad's girlfriend, in her family, died late last night, and when I had called this morning, he had just broken the news to my oldest sister ... I knew this person, though not that well, I have met him on several occasions and I got on with him quite well. He was diagnosed with cancer and toward the end it went very quickly - which is good when there's nothing to do, I know, but still makes you feel shocked. Very sad, he was even younger than my Dad ...
My thoughts are with my Dad and his entire family - and with the deceased's family as well.

I am trying to get things done, even though I'm doing it in slow motion tonight, so I'm hoping I will be able to write at least one more entry here today ... which will probably be about yesterday's little adventure.

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