Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Utmost Confusion!

I don't think this week will ever end!
At this point I'm more or less staring apathetically out into space, not knowing whether I should laugh or cry!

Today I had the introduction for the courses I will take this semester! I have one essay left from last semester (equalling 1/4 of a semester of full-time studies), I am going to take two 'reading coures' (each for 1/4) and I'm writing one larger essay (½ of a semester of full-time studies). As you can tell, that means I'm doing a bit more than full time studies this semester, but basically I'm interacting these courses with eachother, so I'm constantly studying essay 25%, reading course 25%, reading coures 25% and essay 50%). All of these are in the same subject, which is Old Testament with Hebrew, so I figured I'd find some cool way to interact them, using the same theme for all of them.

Introduction today - and I seriously think the whole Department has gotten MAD! It started already yesterday, with an essay-introduction in different subjects, and the mayhem continued today! I don't have it in me right now to try to translate all the details (for invited friends: more info will come in my personal blog) - but basically it seems like for the larger essay they want me to parttake in one Biblical Studies seminar (which is the 'real one), just as you are supposed to, but also another seminar, led by a professor in Systematic Theology or something like that! They whole thing seems completely INSANE, and the fun - *rolling eyes* - part is that no one knows how to solve this - the student councellors work 24/7 (the nice one does, the other one just seems to get mad at students for not figuring this out - when she doesn't know what's going on herself ... thanks a lot!), and not even the teachers and professors have a clue what's going on!

This means that first of all I got really nervous about how this semester will be, I have MORE than enough to do, studying more than full time AND being a mentor - if I have to take double seminars, I don't know how I'll cope!
It also has implications for tomorrow ... which won't be a fun day!
I have to go into to Uni in the morning, and try to get a hold of the student councellor - I tried emailing him when I got home to actually get a confirmed meeting with him, but he didn't reply, so I guess I'll have to rely on luck tomorrow!
At 1 o'clock I have an SI-leader meeting with our SI-councellor, I don't really know what that means other than we're supposed to sign our contracts, but hopefully that won't be too much, and I can take things pretty easy there.
As soon as that meeting is over I have to rush down to CSN (they close at 3) to yell and be mad at them. I have applied for a dispensation on my student loan, and they sent me the most idiotic letter you can imagine ... so I have to get down there and ask what the Hell they are doing!
After that I have to rush back up to the Department and gather all my thoughts for this semester, hopefully getting some time in the library to check out some literature, and at about 3.30-4 I have a meeting with my professor (he'll be supervising all my courses this semester) and try to work out a more detailed plan for my studies and what I want to do with this semester.
So .... if I'm lucky I'll get home at about 6 p.m. and by then I'll probably be more dead than alive! The only hope I have is that this whole thing about essays and seminars and registrations and whatnot will be solved, because I really do worry about that ....

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