Friday, 9 January 2009

Yesterday's Adventure

Time now to write a little about yesterday. But first some backstory.
Originally we had planned to celebrate my Dad in Gotheburg today. He and his family would take the train yesterday, spend two nights in a hotel, I would drive up after lectures today and be with them for the evening, and take a really late bus back.
Due to some bad news (regarding the person I mentioned in an earlier entry), the celebration was cancelled. My Dad couldn't get the train fare back, so instead it was decided they would take their train yesterday, I would drive up yesterday and meet them for lunch, then they'd take the car home and I would get a bus.

I had a pretty bad night the night before and yesterday morning was very slow. The others would arrive around noon, and I started from here at 9. It was a little later than I had planned but I still figured I'd get there in time to meet them at the station. Yeah right! *rolling eyes*

The first 40-45 kilometres went well. Then it started snowing. A little at first but it quickly got a lot worse - and I mean a lot!! The sight was very limited and I was afraid how the weather affected the roads. There was heavy traffic and you couldn't relax for a second! This horrible weather kept on for about 120-130 kilometres, then it started clearing up and the roads got better. I was very relieved and figured the last bit would get a lot easier.
I hadn't been going for more than 15-20 kilometres before both lanes of the freeway came to a complete stop. I still don't know what was going on, but I suspect it was a salting-truck or something like that out, in both lanes, because for the next 3o kilometres we couldn't drive any faster than 40km/h tops ... very annoying!!

When I finally got to Gotheburg I got quite nervous. It was just about lunch, it is Sweden's second largest city and I'm not that fond of driving in large cities. I had a fair idea of where to possibly get a parking, and for once this day I got really lucky. The drive through town went supersmooth, and as soon as I got onto the parking spot, I found an opening! Talk about luck!

I went to meet with my family and it was wonderful seeing them again, and both girls were thrilled. We were going to do some shopping (or at least window shopping) but then there was a phonecall, again regarding the family tragedy, so everyone's mood dropped drastically. Instead we went for lunch, which was okay, but the good bye afterwards was really hard. My oldest sister, 'M', took it really bad, she crawled under a table in a corner, tears in her eyes claiming she wouldn't leave! :( It's not easy to force her to get dressed when you see that ...

They went for the car and I went to the station, having over 2 hours to spend before my bus. I had hardly gotten there before my phone rang ... it was Dad telling me he couldn't find the car! *gasp* Turns out he had taken a wrong turn on the way though, but it still took them half an hour before they had found it and could start their journey (took me about 7-8 minutes to walk from the car to the station!).

My wait for the bus was very slow, but the journey home went pretty well. I slept for an hour on the bus, but despite that I was completely exhausted when I got home!

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