Saturday, 17 January 2009

Forget The Past - Look To The Future!

I think the title says it all! :)
This week has not been good at all, but I have managed to work out most of the problems that have arisen, and now I'm mostly trying to forget all about it! And look to the future ... Which isn't quite as easy as it sounds!

At the moment I'm working on the Greek report, which I'm hoping will be finished by tomorrow night. I can't be sure though, as it's a lot of work left on it ... but at least I can hope, right?!
And after that starts next week, which will be intense to say the least!!

Here's a short summary for you:
On Monday the Old Testament course I will be mentor for has its introduction at 10, and I will be there, following the lecture but also introducing myself as well as the SI-programme (SI=Supplemental Instruction), and I will also set a time for the first mentor meeting, which will be on Wednesday (so hopefully that works out for the students as well).
After that I have some work to do in the library, checking up stuff for the next semester ...
On Monday night we are invited to our Greek teacher for a last celebration, and I'm going to meet up with our mentor at the Department so I can accompany her there (I have a horrible sense of direction and would probably get lost otherwise!).
I think pretty much everyone in our group will be there (at least all of those I've talked to) so I think that can be a pleasant evening.
On Tuesday the main thing will be to plan and shop for the SI-meeting - but I also need to work on stuff for next semester.
Wednesday will be Old Testament lecture (you are supposed to follow 1-2 lectures a week for the course where you are mentor), and after that my premiere as SI-leader! *NERVOUS* Since I happen to have my birthday on Wednesday, I'll probably arrange some cake or something!
Thursday I have the introduction to my essays and reading courses - that shouldn't be too much to worry about, but I should arrange a private meeting with the professor as soon as possible after that!
On Friday all the SI-leaders at the Department have a meeting with the lady responsible for it, we are going to go through schedules, write our contracts and such!
And then I'll probably be dead ... :)

I'm seriously panicking over the mentor thing, but I still REALLY hope I can do something good of it, because I think it's a wonderful opportunity in so many ways! I get to try to be a 'leader', I get an even deeper insight into 'my' subject, I can hopefully work together with the teachers, at least to some extent ... and fact of the matter is - as embarrassing as this is - this will be my first 'real' work EVER! *scary*

Add to all this all the general stuff, such as 'general studies', meeting friends, shopping, cleaning, laundry - and I'll certainly have a busy week, that's for sure!

But at least I got some relaxation today, when Lena came by for a visit, some lunch and a chat! It was really great catching up, it gets a bit easier when we can sit down in peace, instead of being at the Department where you're constantly interrupted by something or someone!

I guess there's no turning back now though - it's back to Paul and the Galatians and the Law and Abraham and the promise and everything else I'm supposed to say something intelligent about!

I hope the rest of you are enjoying your Saturday a bit more than I am! (My favourite company on a Saturday night does NOT include Paul, Novum Testamentum Greace and a Theological Dictionary ...)

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