Saturday, 31 January 2009

A Turningpoint!!

This entry is well overdue, but I do have a reason for that. Thursday ended up being a real turningpoint for me, and once I got home I was so much in awe over what had happened, I couldn't bring myself to sit down and write about it. Yesterday was a true 'resting-day', where I did absolutely nothing whatsoever - and now I'm hoping to get back on track full stop.

But I guess I'd better start at the beginning! :)

We had an essay seminar at 8 a.m. on Thursday morning - this time not the 'joint' seminar, but a seminar in Old and New Testament Exegesis - that is, the seminar I really want to follow. Both professors are really great, and I feel comfortable around them (which is not the case with the professor leading the joint seminar).
This whole mess of seminars came up right away, and I felt horrible. I had pretty much figured out how things were supposed to be done - and this was confirmed by the professors too - the only problem is that I wouldn't have been able to work out my other courses that way. I didn't want to make a scene in front of the whole group, so I kept a low profile and decided to talk to 'my' professor at our meeting after the seminar.
The seminar itself was pretty regular, I had attended one just like it in September, so it was mostly repetition for me. We finished off in the Library, getting some advice on literature, dictionaries etc. to use.

Afterwards I accompanied the professor to his office to have a chat. I was pretty nervous, as things were complicated to say the least.
I started explaining everything (again, sorry, but I cannot go into detail here), I knew how I was "supposed" go about things, but how I couldn't figure out a way to make that work along with my other courses (and this professor is supervising all my courses this semester, so he knew exactly what I was talking about) ... I figured I was in for a real fight, since I knew I technically wanted the system to make an exception just for me (which is generally much frowned upon) ... but I was in for a surprise!
Turns out the professor had apparently given this some serious thought, he had been talking to the professor leading the joint seminar, and since things had been so complicated and confusing, they (I think, mostly 'my' professor) had decided they to do "what's best for the student".
Which bascially meant that I get exactly what I want from this semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I get to follow the Old (and New) Testament seminar, and only that, I can work out my planning with the professor just like we had discussed earlier and I don't have to attend the joint seminars!!!!!!!!!
I must have looked like an idiot, because I could hardly believe it! I kept asking and asking and asking, but apparently that has been decided now!!! *extremely happy!*
That just took a massive burden off my shoulders and I was SO HAPPY!!!

After this meeting, I took a well-deserved rest. I met a girl I took Hebrew with last spring, we haven't really stayed in touch, but we had a really long and rewarding chat, and after that Lena came! I haven't seen her in quite a while, so it was great catching up.
I got a book from the library for my reading course, and at 12 I went to meet with the post-graduate who's taking the course where I'm mentor. There were some questions raised during the last mentor meeting, and even though I know I how I feel about them, I wanted to run it by him, so we don't say opposite things to the students. He's a really nice guy and I'm very grateful we can "work together" on this! Since it's my first time as a mentor, I'm very insecure about a lot of things, and being able to run things by him helps a lot!! He also promised to try to get more or the students to come to the meeings! :)

I honestly can't believe how well Thursday went, it felt almost unreal! All of Thursday afternoon I kept thinking I would wake up and realize it had all been a really great dream, but I haven't woken up yet, so I guess it actually did happen!! *amazing!*

While yesterday was a relaxing day - and this morning has been slow because I hardly slept at all last night - I am MORE than motivated to do something really GREAT with this semester now!! The fact that things went SO well, really raized my motivation a great deal - so now I'm hoping to be able to be 100% efficient and more ...

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