Thursday, 15 January 2009

Seeing The Light

I think I'm starting to work my way out of this rather low mood I've been in for a while now ... at least I hope so, because I have a ton of work to do, and it doesn't get done when I'm feeling down.

I'm sorry about not saying more about what's going on, I just feel really bad about it, and I'm not ready to expose it all in a public blog. I have been writing a bit about it in my personal Swedish blog, and for close friends who don't read Swedish: I will let you know what's been happening in time! :)

Finally though I seem to be doing a little bit better. A few things have hopefully worked out today, I have a meeting tomorrow as well, and after that, it's hopefully a 'go-ahead-for-the-future' ...
I've been spending some time at Uni, in the library these past few days, trying to work on my Greek-exam-report ... it's going slow, but I'm more and more feeling how "at home" I feel there. I meet a lot of people that I know, and while I'm not close friends to all of them, it means a lot to me just being able to say "Hi, how are you?" without it feeling weird!
The "studie-social situation" right now has evolved to something I could never have imagined some 2-3 years ago, that's for sure!

I'm sorry about being so vague in my entries now. Hopefully after my meeting tomorrow, I will know more where I stand, and how things around me will play out, and then I'll be back with more "normal" entries! :)

EDIT: Personal Blog Updated!

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