Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Feeling a bit stupid ...

Yes, I'm feeling a bit stupid now ... things are REALLY intense right now, and I'm trying to deal with that as best I can right now, but that does not involve blogs! I feel like I'm neglecting every blog I have, even though I really want to keep them going ... *sigh*

I'm sorry about that, and I really I hope I will be able to do a real catch-up during the weekend, when things are hopefully not quite so intense!

What's shortly going on right now is the fact that I presented the whole mentor-thing on the Old Testament introduction yesterday ... and I hope I at least did okay ... and tomorrow will be the really big thing, when I'm going to lead the first mentor meeting! *HELP* Apart from that I have my own introduction, to essays and reading courses, on Thursday, and a meeting with the girl responsible for the mentor-programme in our Department on Friday, and I also have to go down to CSN (The National Board of Student Aid) on Friday (I hate those guys), but hopefully I can try to relax at least a little bit during the weekend, and catch up on the internet in general.

I'm sorry I'm so short, but I really need to spend all the time I can at trying to get things to work out practically right now ....
Take care!