Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Going Through A Rough Time!

I'm not feeling on top of the world right now, even though things haven't completely hit rock bottom either.
I was going to the mentor-thing yesterday, the SI-eduction (SI=Supplemental Instruction), and let's just say I didn't do very well. This is still something I feel is very real and I haven't gotten all the distance to it that I would like to, so I'd rather not discuss it publicly, at least not yet ...

Some other news though, that rather tie in with this.
I have created yet another new blog. This one is however a little bit different.
I enjoy writing a lot, if I hadn't kept a diary all these years I don't think I would have coped, and I will still keep that to myself. But there are some things that go on in my life, that I don't mind sharing with those that are quite close to me and people I know I can trust 100% and more. So, therefore I have created another blog (which is in Swedish - sorry ...) where I can be more personal than I am here - because that blog is open for invited people only. I have sent out invites, but if you feel like I've missed YOU (I may definitely have forgotten someone!), please don't hesitate but let me know, and I'll make sure to send you an invite.
For this reason I won't give you the address to the blog either, but I still wanted to mention it. I'm very fond of this blog, which I think is rather personal actually, and I will keep it - but there are some things that I don't feel comfortable writing about here, but that I wouldn't mind my closest friends to find out about. So this new blog will serve that purpose.

Now I'm going to start gathering strength and hopefully cope with tomorrow in an acceptable way. Last Greek lecture, so I really should be there ...:)

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