Sunday, 3 December 2006

Christmas Tradition!

Yesterday, on December 2nd, it was time for mine and my friend Annika's annual Christmas tradition! Every year in December (or very late November) we go to Gotheburg to visit the Christmas market at Liseberg and exchange Christmas gifts! A very nice tradition indeed!
This year it turned out a little different though, since we also planned to see the musical Cats in the afternoon! (see below for a review!)

My day started pretty much with the fact that I missed the bus I wanted to take in order to get to the train .... I wasn't in such a hurry - for once I was out in time - but it meant that I had to take a ten minute walk to another bus stop, and the rain was pouring down and it was very stormy! I did have an umbrella, but I don't know if it did me any good because when I got to the bus stop I was very wet!
The train trip to Gotheburg was okay though, and it was great seeing Annika again! We hadn't seen each other since we were in London this summer, so it was certainly about time!!
We had something to eat, and it didn't rain that much in Gotheburg so we decided to hurry to Liseberg before we saw Cats - it's about 20-30 minutes walk from the station. We started walking and it started raining! It rained, and it rained ... and it rained! Once again, umbrellas didn't help much! By the time we got to Liseberg we were completely soaked, and even though the rain pretty much stopped (almost anyway), it was still somewhat uncomfortable!
I have to say that even though Liseberg was as wonderful as ever, it was a little hard to get that true Christmas feeling, since it was very wet, very grey and about 10 degrees .... Still, it worked a little ... there was the traditional Christmas music, and all the lovely lights in the trees, and lots and lots of Santas, and all the Christmas smells ... so you couldn't help but feeling a little Christmassy! :)

We couldn't stay for very long, since we had to be in time for Cats. Despite us checking the clock, we were pretty late ... and we didn't know where the Gothenburg Opera was ... so it was a little nervous at one point! We managed to rush in to the Opera house at 2.52 p.m. ... and there were still a lot of people who hadn't taken their seats, so at least we weren't the last ones in! :)
Cats was wonderful - I won't write to much about it, since I've already written a review, but it was a really great production!
Afterwards we ate a little, then exchanged Christmas gifts! :) I got a dvd and four episodes of a TV-show where Anthony Stewart Head had a guest part! Yay!! *me happy now* :) :)

The train trip back home could have been more fun - I was really tired and there were a couple of young girls in my car that were on top of everything! They were shouting and playing and singing and even climbing up and down in the seats! *sigh* I know that kids are kids and I usually really like children, but I actually would have preferred a bit of peace and quiet just then, to be able to rest!

Still, despite the rain (I think my coat is STILL wet!!), it was a wonderful day!
Thanks, Annika!!

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Sandra said...

Sounds like a good day! I wish I could go to the Christmas market at Liseberg some time too :)

Jexxie said...

Jag har alltid velat åka till liseberg och se marknaden, jag är galen i glitter och lampor...jag har bara varit på Tivoli i köpenhamn. Det är jätte fint! Förresten, kan du lägga in bilder nu? Jag kan inte, de har tagit bort alla funktioner och jag kan inte html koder och liknande....lite tråkigt om de inte fixar det. Kram Jessica

Jessica said...

It's REALLY lovely! I don't usually like Christmas, but this tradition is wonderful - and Liseberg is fantastic! I could have wished the weather to be more Christmassy ... a bit colder at least, but the market in itself is terrific!!
I really hope you can go some day! :)

Jessica said...

Jag kan VARMT rekommendera Liseberg - fast jag kan tänka mig att Tivoli oxå är jättehärligt! Jag har aldrig varit där *skäms lite* - känns som jag nu som "ny-skåning" *lol* eller vad man ska säga, verkligen borde komma dit nån gång ...

Jexxie said...

vi hade ju faktiskt kunnat åka dit tillsammans. Tåget stannar mitt emot Tivoli och går jämt. Nära och bra...och mysigt juligt

The darkest night said...

It was fun reading your comments about our day! :) We sure had a great time, didn't we? :)

Jessica said...

Hey, låter som en bra idé!! Vi får fundera på saken! :) :)

the darkest night:
Glad you enjoyed it! It was a really really great day!!! I hope we can see eachother soon again!!!

The darkest night said...

I hope so too!! *hugs*