Monday, 18 December 2006

One Winter Day!

Yes, we did have the first winter day today! *yay*
The temperature was a bit below zero, and you could feel "winter" in the air just as soon as you stepped outside. I don't know what it is, but the air feels and smells in a certain way when it's winter! I just loved it, I'm always hot and sweaty, so I just love it when the cold strikes.
However, I am told this joy will be short for me, as we will have temperatures above zero until Christmas Eve at least. *sigh*

I went around Christmas shopping for most of the day! I could go to a couple of malls I have a hard time reaching through trains and buses, so it felt great to have a car, and wander around a bit. I didn't have much trouble buying Christmas presents either, because I knew what to get for everyone except my little sister, and since she's 2½ years old, it's not a big problem buying presents for her. Walk into a toy store and you can pretty much buy the entire store! :)
Anyway, I'm mostly done with the presents for now ... I just might be persuaded to buy something more for my little sister *lol* but that'll be if I find something I just know she'll really like, otherwise I do have presents enough as it is.

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsTonight has mostly been spent wrapping presents of course! :) With the help from Zorro! He's not that interested in the wrapping papers, but when it comes to tape and string ... boy, he just loves that! :) Sometimes I ended up getting a little more help than I actually asked for ... but I don't mind!!

Unfortunately, the cat on the picture is not Zorro ... although it actually looks quite a lot like him! :) I would just love to be able to at least dress him up in a Santa-hat and take a picture, but I have the distinct feeling he will not let me do that! So I guess you, and I, will have to enjoy this "fake" Zorro-Santa! :)

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The darkest night said...

Great to hear you got some winter weather! Also very impressed you got your Christmas shopping done! It does help when you know what you want to get....I don't! *lol* (i only have my brother left to shop for, but I really don't know what to all...)..

I can imagine it's VERY easy to find presents for your little sister! :)

Jessica said...

Yay me!! I might buy some smaller gifts yet, but at least it's no pressure or anything ... so that feels GREAT!
I have like a million things to do before I leave, so it's wonderful to least be able to cross one thing off the list.

And yes, there's absolutely NO problems buying presents for my little sister! *lol*

Sandra said...

VERY cute picture =D

The darkest night said...

Yeah, it must feel great! I hope I can say the same soon (I really need to finish my Christmas-gift-shopping tomorrow)...

Good luck with everything else!

Jessica said...

Yeah, I loved it too! :D I just wish it really could have been Zorro in the outfit, but I guess I had to settle for the next best thing! ;)

the darkest night:
Goood luck with your Christmas-gift-shopping, I'll you'll find some great things!!
Hope to see you on MSN someday soon! :)

Sandra said...

Maybe you can bribe Zorro somehow into wearing a santa hat ;) When I was little I used to dress my cat Misse up in doll clothes... he did NOT like it. I even forced him into my doll carriage. I was such a meanie =( *regretting it* Hopeful he understood that I was just a kid though. I adored him so much, but unfortunately he became ill and died a few years ago. I still get a lump in my throat just thinking about it =(

Cats are so special. Of course, with my luck, I have become allergic to animals with fur. Otherwise I'd get a cat at once!

Jessica said...

*hmm* Never thought of bribing him ...*wondering if that works* :) :)
Zorro actually did jump up in my little sister's doll carriage this summer ... but he really liked it, settled there and fell asleep for an hour! *LOL* (And yes, I have the pictures to prove it! *lol*)

I'm really sorry to hear that your cat died's really awful when that happens. They are soooo special, and have their own personality ... I understand that you miss him SO muh :(

Too bad with the allergy ...:( I definately want animlas around me, I think they're just great, so I understand that you miss that ....

The darkest night said...

Had to cancel the shopping plans today..was way to sick to go outside...*grumpy* So now I will try do EVERYTHING tomorrow...which for sure won't work if I still feel like this...*sigh*

Yeah, I really hope to see you on MSN before you leave! Most likely I won't be home until late tomorrow though...(around 10 pm, I'm guessing..)...

Jessica said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear you're still not feeling well! :( *sending you Get-Better-Soon-Hugs!!*

I hope to catch you on MSN tomorrow night, it'll probably be late for me too, as I have SO much to do!!!
Take care!

The darkest night said...

Thanks sis!! *hugs*
If you want I can send you an SMS when I get home ? (that is if I'm able to out tomorrow at all..*sigh*). Would be great to to talk to you!!

Jessica said...

Terrific!! (don't know if you'll read this before GOING out ... but one can try, right?! *lol*)
I really hope we can talk before I leave, I won't be back home with a "normal" computer and MSN for at least two weeks ...
*will miss my twin*

The darkest night said...

Did read it, but blogger didn't want to let me comment this morning..sorry!

it was great talking to you!

Jessica said...

Stupid blogger ... ah well, no harm done! :)

I agree, it was great to talk, I'll definately miss you while I'm gone!!

Take care!

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

You should post the pics of Zorro in that baby carriage =) Would be cool to see. Cats tend to be okay with things as long as they get to do it on their own terms. They hate being forced (who doesn't lol). They really are special - just as special as any human being.

Yeah I sure miss my cat a lot :( He used to always love to play with the papers and strings after the opening of christmas presents. And of course, I always used to buy him cat-christmas-presents as well =)

The darkest night said...

yeah...blogger still doesn't really like me :(

Will miss you too! Hurry home! :)

But I hope you'll have a great Christmas vacation!