Saturday, 9 December 2006

Melancholy And Sadness ...

... Describe me pretty well now!
I'm going pretty much up and down these days, but tonights it's well and truly down. I'll try not go sound far to depressed, which is utterly boring and no fun at all - but I am really wondering what will happen to my life ...
I have about a million things that HAS to been done (preferably yesterday *sigh*!), and they are all in one way or another connected to eachother, so it's not just a matter of 'do one thing and finish that, do the next thing and finish that' ... it's so complicated, and I'm not sure I'll be able to sort everything out!

Since everything is in some way connected to something else, it's hard to make up a plan as well. For instance, I'm meeting with one of my teachers on Monday afternoon, and depending on what happens at that meeting, there are a number of different ways I could go, and different things I should do. This means that until I've met him and seen the outcome of that meeting, I will have to have all these different scenarios in my head, so as I'll know which one to choose when I actually can make a choice. Add about 5-10 other things that will work in exactly the same way and YES, MY LIFE IS VERY CONFUSING RIGHT NOW!!

I know that next week will be very intense indeed, but at least some things hopefully will start to happen then. That way I might also be able to put some things behind me - which I can't now. On the other hand, I'm very, very nervous about everything that is going to happen next week, because what if they are not working out ... what do I do then??

Okay, I guess you've understood the fact that I am very confused now ... so there's not really any point in going on about it here.
I'll try to keep you updated on my extremely confusing life ...

Oh, by the way ... I'm trying not to completely forget about my other blogs too, so I thought I'd remind you about them as well : <--- Les Misérables: Beyond the Barricade <--- Great Lyrics!

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The darkest night said...

sorry to hear you're having a bad day *BIG HUG*

Good luck with everything!!

Jessica said...

*thanks sis*