Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Trying To Get Organized!

Considering the fact that I'm constantly tired and walk around like a zombie these days, I really have a hard time trying to get organized for my trip!
I'm usually prepared in good time for a trip like this, but right now, I seem to get nothing done at all! Pretty much the only thing I've accomplished today is completing my Christmas shopping and fill gas in the car for the trip on Friday, that's it!!
Okay, so I have the entire day tomorrow, I won't have to out anywhere or anything like that, but I still have so much to do !!! All the packing, cleaning the entire apartment, doing a whole lot of laundry, trying to prepare some things for Uni that I can only do from here, write a few Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas messages all over the internet, since I'll be gone for at least two weeks ... etc. etc. etc.
It would have felt better if I had gotten a bit more done today, but I guess I can't go back in time to change it, right?! Hopefully I know that I really don't have any choice whatsoever tomorrow, so I can be disciplined enough to really get things done then .... I hope ....

Anyway, I'll post an entry here tomorrow night, and hopefully a last Merry Christmas-entry on Friday morning before I leave! :)

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The darkest night said...

Good luck with everything tomorrow!

Jessica said...

Thanks! ;)