Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Complete Exhaustion!

I wonder if I will ever recover and not feel completely exhausted, drained and definately more dead than alive?!
I didn't have much on the agenda today - after yesterday's complete chaos, I had to cancel a meeting I had scheduled for this afternoon - but despite that, I'm feeling like a corpse that has to walk around looking alive ... *sigh*

Last visit to my work place before the holidays today ... it was a cleaning/planning day today, which was kinda fun, since it's only the staff there!! Also, I did perform two interviews ... and even though I was nervous, it kind of felt okay ... but it's hard to try to remember everything you should do, and should not do in an interview ... I think it turned out okay though ...

I was home early, at two, but despite that I haven't managed to do very much this afternoon ... I just feel like I could sleep 24/7 right now!
I'm trying to gather strength for tomorrow, which will be a rather long day! I'll take the bus to Gotheburg, where I will meet my Dad - who will drive there. We'll "exchange modes of transport" there, so I'll get the car and he'll take the train back! I'm not usually worried about these kinds of things, but with the weather problems we've been having, I'm a little worried about how the roads will be ... We've had an abnormal amount of rain this fall, and pretty much the entire West Coast of Sweden is flooded! The train traffic aren't moving at all in some places, and I've also heard reports that roads have been flooded and closed ... *yikes*
Guess I'll just have to hope for the best, right?!

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Dakota said...

I hope you'll feel better real soon!!

P.S. Good luck tomorrow!

Jessica said...

Aw, thanks Dakota!! :)

I'm glad the car trip worked out, despite traffic, weather and everything! :)