Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Weird Day!

Today has been somewhat strange. Certain things has happened that from one perspective can be seen as very positive and really great and from another perspective as not so great at all. I hate it when things get so confusing all the time ... I definately prefer simplicity in my life, but I guess I'm not that lucky, right?!

Work was okay today - a little slow but that actually suits me just fine these days. One Mom arrived with her two kids, I really really like them all, and I haven't seen them in ages so it was great seeing them again! Although you really tend to realize how time flies when you see how fast the kids grow! *yikes*

Things had felt okay all morning, but when I got home in the afternoon, I more or less collapsed ... due to a number of things. I have been feeling really low all afternoon and all evening, and I really hope I can get out of this mess soon, because it's very very hard to always feel so down, and constantly see that things happen that makes everything worse and worse and worse ...

Practically I have only done one thing today (apart from work) - pathetic, isn't it?? Anyway, it's something I've been putting off like forever, because it's by far the most disgusting domestic work I know!! Cleaning out the drains from the shower! Yuck!!! It's sooooo horrible, I have a really hard time doing that - but at least my entire bathroom is spotless now - thank you very much!! I still have a list of like a hundred things I really need to do, but when I'm feeling this bad, I just tend to ignore everything ... *sigh*

Tomorrow is going to be very tough as well. Work again, but this time one group in the morning and one in the afternoon - meaning I'll leave home - and Zorro!!! - at about 7 a.m. and will be home about 6p.m. ... NOT funny!!
The weekend is looking a little slower, so hopefully I can clean the rest of the apartment then, put up some decorations etc. Although I really needed a meeting with a teacher this week, and just found out he's on a conference all Thursday and Friday! Typical!

Well, I guess I'd better try to get some sleep as I have an early morning and a long day tomorrow!
Good night!

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