Monday, 11 December 2006

Why A Title?

Today I'm wondering why my blog entry needs a title?!? Since I can't think of anything appropriate that would summarize today's events ... I guess this one will have to do though! *lol*

Confusing day, to say the least!
I went to work first, which was fun! Trying to decorate a plastic tree ... three people more or less involved trying to move electric candles around like crazy and ending up with all the candles on one side and the electric chord nowhere near the outlet ... way to go! (Guess it would have been kinda fun to watch though! *lol*)
Anyway, it was rather slow at work, which I felt was quite nice. Despite that, I left work with a headache and a near panic attack over a meeting at Uni. The meeting in itself (what was actually said) wasn't terrific, but at least the outcome of the meeting was good for me ... it did in a way relieve some of the stress and tension that I'm feeling now, so that was good. There were however surrounding circumstances, which weren't good at all ... :( It's WAY complicated, and nothing has been sorted out ... but it wasn't good at all.

On top of all that, it's been totally stormy and raining cats and dogs, so I was wet already at Uni. Then I had to wait for about 20 minutes for my train (I had a roof over my head, but since it was SO windy, I still managed to get REALLY wet!), there were some delays, because an electric cable had blown across one of the train tracks ... terrific! When I got 'home' (that is, to 'my' town), I needed to do some grocery shopping ... so I had to wait for a delayed bus from the railway station, outside in pouring rain for a bit over ten minutes, then do the shopping and wait - outside in pouring rain! - for another delayed bus for fifteen minutes!
Let's just say my mood hasn't been great tonight ...

I also have three major heavy days ahead of me - and some other unsolved business ... along with some other issues ... what? You think I'm vague?? Where on Earth did you get that from??? :)
Sorry, I know I'm not making much sense, what I wanted to say is that I'm in for rough times, that's all.
Wish me luck ... on ... pretty much everything! ;)

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The darkest night said...

Good luck...on everything! :) *hugs*'

Sorry you had such a wet day - it was exactly the same here! Feels like I'll never get dry (or warm) again! :(

I hate this weather!!

Jessica said...

Thanks!! :)

Yeah, I HATE THE WEATHER right now ... unfortunately not much you can do about it though ...:(

The darkest night said...'s terrible! I mean I can maybe accept that it's not snowing (like I want it to), but must it RAIN all the time? *sigh*

Jessica said...

Exactly! I've pretty much gotten used to the fact that I'm not seeing much snow (here in the 'south', it is rather rare, at least until mid-January), but why can't the SUN SHINE at least once in a while?!?!!?

The darkest night said...

Yeah...and it's messing up my favourite quote!! *LOL* The sun never seems to be rising here anymore...although today it's yay! :)

Jessica said...

yay you! :)
I guess it's best to be greatful for the few times we get to see the sun, right?!

The darkest night said...

Yeah, I think so too! :) It's starting to be really rare to have a sunny day!