Saturday, 16 December 2006

So Much To Do ...

Cool... So Little Time ...

I really have a million things to do, and yet I seem to get nothing done! Very frustrating!!
I am extremely tired, and even when I try to focus and get things done, I mostly walk around like a zombie!
I did manage to get a little cleaning done, I wrote all my Christmas cards (last day to send them within Sweden was today!), realized that I didn't have any stamps! To make a long story short, I managed to get them sent off, but I have no idea wether they will arrive before Christmas or not ...

I'm not sure what the future will bring ... as I said, I have a million things to do, and I'm not sure how I'll get them all done before I'm going north for Christmas holidays! A lot of things have to be organized through Uni as well, meaning I am dependent on other people to get things done. So I can't really say I know how things will turn out.
Also, I have LOADS of Christmas shopping left. Usually I'm early with those kinds of things, but December 2006 has not been a great month so far! I was late putting up Christmas decorations, nearly missed sending out Christmas cards and I'm late buying Christmas presents! (I guess I don't need to tell you that I have not found an ounce of Christmas spirit yet ... Crazy ... well, I did get a little Christmas spirit when I attended the Christmas concert - when the orchestra were wearing Santa-hats - and one guy even had on a full beard!! - but apart from that, no holiday spirit for me!)
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Oh, by the way ... I know the picture had nothing whatsoever to do with today's blog entry, but I just LOVED it, so I couldn't resist including it!! Soooo true!! *lol*

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The darkest night said...

*oops* I haven't sent out ANY of my cards yet (except those going outside Sweden)...bad me... will deal with those on Monday I suppose...not much I can do about it, I was way too sick to get pretty much anything done today...and I'm also behind on everything else...I'll need an AMAZING week next week to get everything done...these last few months have been pretty bad, and I wonder if I'll ever get back to normal..oh well, points effort I hope?

That's a funny pic btw! :)

Good luck with everything! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Absolutely points for effort! The last three weeks I've been completely down too, so I'm mostly behind on everything! *sigh*
Ah well, guess you can't do more than trying, right?! :)

Yeah, I just LOVED the pic!! :D :D Totally cool ... [and very true for me! *lol*]

Yeah, good luck to you too!

The darkest night said...

Thanks! :)

yeah you're right..all we can do is try :)