Friday, 8 December 2006


My life is rather confusing now ... some things seems to start working out now, which I'm very greatful for. Other things are not working out at all, and some things are just left hanging without me knowing what will happen ... so I'm feeling up one minute and down the next. It's even gone so far that I'm closing in on an apathy-state, where I don't care about anything that happens. Which isn't great at all, since a lot of stuff are still up to me, I have to organize and do and fix a whole lot of stuff if it's gonna work out.
I have had better days yesterday and today, but I'm wondering if part of that is because I am starting to feel apathetic, so I feel better because I can't be bothered to care about all the problems ...
I really need to start caring, because I'm having a little "break" now, until Monday ... and next week will be extremely intense, so I really should try to prepare as much as I can now!

Not sure what's up with me now though, I'm suddenly so overly tired, I can hardly remember my own name!! I know it's really early, but I don't think I'll be able to stay awake for another minute!
I do apologize for the short entry, hope I'll be able to make a better one tomorrow!

Good night!

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