Friday, 1 December 2006

Trying To Look Forward!

I'm desperately trying to look forward right now, in some vague hope that maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I've had no luck so far, but at least the odds are in my favor regarding tomorrow! I hope ...

Today has not been complete disaster, but I can't say that I've had a good day either! Once again, I hardly slept anything, but fortunately not due to nightmares. I can't really pinpoint why I didn't get to sleep, but I woke up every half hour the entire night ... so I've been quite 'out-of-it' all day today!
I did have one project scheduled for today, and I did it ... and that's good, but I can't say that I'm happy with the way it worked out. I know that I'll be required do to similar 'things' again, and it certainly didn't turn out well enough for me to feel confident or good about it next time, that's for sure.
But, since I at least did it - always something, right? - I decided to go to a shopping mall and do some Christmas shopping. I had to change buses once, and when we arrived to the stop where I was due to change, we were a little late. However, I saw the bus I was gonna take, so I figured the driver waitied for us (actually, they're due to wait in cases like that, since it was a rather common change for a lot of people). Well, there were some confusion on our bus, lots of people, Mums with babies, older people, and it took a while before we could get off (people were actually blocking the busdoors, so we really couldn't get out. When we see the other bus start ... and leave ... THANK YOU - NOT!
This meant that I had to spend an hour waiting for the next bus to arrive - with absolutely nothing to do! *sigh* Not funny!

Finally I got to the shopping mall, and I had planned my visit pretty carefully! First I wanted to check out variuos stores, get ideas for Christmas presents etc. Then I would buy some groceries, and then go back and get whatever I had decided on. It all worked out, until I got to the grocery store. There were somethings I really needed to get - and I couldn't find them! The store was packed with people so I couldn't find anybody to ask - I actually walked around in there for 40 minutes before I found it ... *sigh again* By then I wouldn't have time to go into any other store, unless I wanted to wait another hour for the bus! So all this mall trip resulted in was a bag of groceries - which I could have gotten at home, and then been home 4 hours earlier!

Not a great day, no!

I'm hoping for a better one tomorrow though! I'll be going to Gothenburg with a great friend - we'll go on the Liseberg Christmas market (an anual Christmas tradition) and then see the musical Cats. I really look forward to it, and I really really really hope it will be a great day!
I'll try to make a general entry about it when I get home, even though it'll be rather late, and as soon as I can, I'll write a review on Cats.! :)

Take care!

Oh, btw - don't miss the new pictures I added at the bottom of my blog! Isn't that the cutest thing you've EVER seen?!! :)

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