Sunday, 9 December 2007

Annual Christmas Tradition Day!

Yesterday it was time for Annika's and mine Annual Christmas Tradition Day, when we meet up in Gothenburg, spend the day together, go to the Christmas market at Liseberg, exchange Christmas gifts etc. I honestly can't remember how many years it's been now (Annika, do you remember??), but I'd guess this was maybe the third or fourth year ...

This year we were going to combine it with my getting my Dad's car, so I can drive up (with Zorro) for Christmas holidays. So my Dad drove to Gothenburg, we met there, I got the carkeys and he took the train back home, and I drove.

For a change we had good weather this year - which we haven't before!! It was however raining and storming when I left yesterday morning, but by the time I got up to Gotheburg, the weather was considerably better - even though the sun didn't shine you could actually see some blue sky and it did NOT rain! Yay!
I met my Dad right away and he tried to explain where he'd put the car - as our usual parking spot had 'vanished' since last year!!

When he left it was time for me and Annika to start our Christmas tradition! Yay!
We started with lunch before we took a walk down to Liseberg! We also passed the parking where my Dad had put the car, so I knew where to go and how to get out of town later! :)
It was really nice to be able to go at Liseberg without getting soaking wet, it was light out so you could actually see stuff! Wonderful!

I really love the Christmas market there, it's so much Christmas spirit, lights everywhere, Christmas stuff everywhere and loads of people!! We mostly walked around but I did spent some money this year ... I found a really cheap Tolkien book that I couldn't resist, and I also bought some Christmas decorations. I'm collecting these cute Christmas cats - their grey-and-white striped with Santa's Hats *CUTE!* - so I bought a new one yesterday. And I also found a little Santa with two yellow-brown cats that looked just like Zorro and his brother Zimba, so I simply had to buy that too (I'm making it a Christmas present for Zorro!!).

We walked around for about two hours, before we decided we'd seen most of it - and then it was time for the long walk back to the railwaystation! It's strange, but the way back always seems soooooo much longer ... *weird!!* :)

We were supposed to check out this huge mall, just next to the station, but once we got there it was really packed with people, and extremely hot - I could hardly breath at all!! - so we skipped it! Instead we sat down at the station, ate some gingerbread cookies and exchanged Christmas gifts! Annika is spot on with her gifts - this year I got "The Simpsons Movie" - SO cool!!! A great gift, as it is something I really want, but I would probably never consider myself to afford it ... looking forward to seeing it!!!
Both me and Annika was pretty tired and worn out, so we decided on not staying too long! Annika took a bus after six, and I walked down to the parking, and was ready to set off south at exactly 6.30. I was a bit nervous, after all, I haven't driven since the beginning of August, but it worked out great! I had to do a U-turn at a big intersection in order to get out onto the freeway, but the intersection had traffic lights, so it worked out well, and the trip went really smooth! One bathroom-and-coffee break (10 minutes) and then the miles just passed by and I was home at 9.30 - Zorro was very happy!!!
Unfortunately he had a very hard time winding down, so I didn't fall aslepp until after midnight, and now I'm totally stressed out!!! I'll try to write more about today and the upcoming week tonight!

Some pics of the stuff I had with me from Gothenburg!


The Darkest Night said...

hey your pics turned out great! :)

we sure had a great time, didn't we?! :)

I think we started the tradition in 2002 or 2003 maybe? or possibly 2004... so it's been quite a few years now! way cool! :)

The Darkest Night said...

i really don't want to be rude or anything, but could you please remove my photo? I don't usually post my picture in a public blog/site....sorry... *oops*

Jessica said...

It's been that long, huh? I know it's been a number of years, but I have no idea when we started it! Guess I'm getting forgetful in my old age! :)

(pic removed)

The Darkest Night said...

well..I know we met in Gothenburg (on December 13) when I was studying at Lernia... I just can't remember for sure what year that was...*lol* but I'm guessing 2003 maybe?

(and thanks)

Jessica said...

That sounds about right, I think! :) I'm gonna have to go back and check my diaries ... unfortunately I didn't start keeping regular ones until January 2004 - but I might make out SOMETHING! :)
I'm really getting curious about this! :)