Wednesday, 5 December 2007

An Intense Day!

This has been a very long and very intense day - with it's regular ups and downs!
I managed to get up early this morning for a change, as I felt a great need to write quite a lot in my diary this morning, in order to clear my mind and prepare myself for what lies ahead. I was at it at about 5.15 a.m. and spent the following 2½ hours writing like crazy!
After that I managed to get about an hour studying before I had to get ready to get into town! The train was late, and quite a bit late, and I'm seriously loosing patience with "Skånetrafiken" (the 'company' that deals with public transport here), because it is actually rare to find the trains are on time these day - very annoying! I ended up getting into town about half an hour later than I intended, so I wasn't in a good mood to start with!

I was supposed to shop for a gift for my mentor, as I'll be meeting her for the last time (at least in her capacity as a mentor, I do hope to be able to see her sometimes anyway!) tomorrow, but I had a really hard time finding something! I had an idea what to get her, but didn't buy it, since it was time to get to the Department for my lecture! I was supposed to talk to one of the secretaries, as the result of the course I took earlier hasn't been reported yet, but they were closed for lunch!
The lecture today was really intense, we hardly even got a break, and I was taking notes like crazy - despite the fact the my right hand felt like it went through a meat grinder!!

After lectures I had to wait for an hour to meet my student councellor, at first I ended up talking to Sara and Johanna - but I also managed to get some reading done.
I met the student councellor at 4 p.m. I haven't spoken to her before as 'my' student councellor quite earlier this semester, so it took a while to cover the basics. Then all of a sudden, it seemed like maybe all my planning had been wrong - the Swedish University Education System is undergoing a radical change now (that was put into effect this year), and since I have plans to continue with post-graduate studies I had been told I had to transfer to this new system, but now all of a sudden, maybe I could continue in the old system! Everything was totally confusing, but the student councellor called down the director of studies (who is responsible for post-graduate students) so he came (he's tought a course I took last fall, so he knew who I was!), but he didn't know anything about the new system either!!! *sigh*
We debated quite a while, but decided I should follow the new system - as I had planned - but change a few courses next semester ....
It felt like quite a mess, but in retrospect, I think it ended up pretty good actually!!!
I spent almost 45 minutes with the student councellor, and after that, I went to buy a gift for my mentor, Rebecka, and I think I found something that will work out!

I didn't get home until after 6 p.m. - and after having had dinner, I had a long conversation with my Dad about upcoming plans - we will meet in Gothenburg on Saturday, I will take the bus there, he'll drive, and then I'll take the car back with me (so I can ge tup to visit my families for Christmas holidays) and he'll take the train - and while I'm in Gothenburg, I'll meet Annika for our Annual Christmas Holiday Tradition ... so we had a few things to discuss about that ...
I really should have studied tonight, but I've been completely drained of energy, so I haven't gotten anything done ...

I have so much going on in my life - and I feel both good and bad about it! Bad about it, of course, as it means constantly stressing and feeling that I'm never doing enough, but also good, because I feel a will and a motivation to do all these things, wether it's lectures or seminars or dinner with friends or Christmas concerts or whatever - and earlier, I have mostly felt the need to escape it all ...

I'm rambling - AGAIN!!! Guess since I'm so tired, I have a hard time really focusing on saying what I want to say - instead I end up rambling! I hope you'll forgive me! :)

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