Friday, 7 December 2007

Stress Factor: Extremely High!

I honestly don't remember the last time I was this stressed out, actually! I'm currently having a pretty bad headache, and the plan was to copy about 40 pages of handwritten lecture notes on to the computer tonight ... and I have to get up no later than 5 a.m. tomorrow, for the trip to Gothenburg - AND I have to pack everything, wrap some presents etc .... yay me! NOT!!

I think the difference now from earlier times, is that I have SO much going on! I'm not really complaining, because a lot of it is fun stuff, but since it's SO much, and studies are extremely intense, the result is that I can never ever ever relax ....

I'm sorry, I'm not usually feeling as negative as this, but I have been trying my very best to be superefficiant today, and it feels like I've gotten nothing done at all, so now it's PANIC!!!

I should get started on those notes now ....
At least I hope I'm in for a fun day in Gothenburg tomorrow!

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My Plans for tomorrow: Christmas-Tradition-Day in Gothenburg with Annika


The Darkest Night said...

hey...remember...slow is good.. :) I hope everything will work out - and I'm really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! It's been ages!! *hugs*

Jessica said...

*lol* thanks sis - but I don't think slow will work this time ... or rather, the speed of light feels toooo slow right now ...

Btw, it was GREAT seeing you yesterday - hope you got home okay (will write an entry about yesterday soon!)