Thursday, 13 December 2007

Christmas Shopping!

I spent about 4 hours Christmas shopping today. At first it didn't seem like I would get anything, I kept going to two different, really big, malls, and I hardly found anything, which was very annoying!! It got a little better toward the end though, so at least it didn't feel like a wasted trip!

I did bring home a nasty headache, and unfortunately there was no way I could get rid of it!!! I really need to spend every spare second I have now studying, but there's no way I can study when it feels like my head is splitting into ten different pieces ... so now I'm in even more trouble at Uni! *deep sigh*
I still have a headache, so I'm off to bed now - hopefully I'll get a better and more productive day tomorrow - with NO headache!!!

My Life At The Moment!
Currently reading: Nothing
Currently watching: Läckberg & Rudberg (Swedish book-programme)
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My Plans for tomorrow: Getting a haircut, more Christmas shopping, STUDIES!

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