Monday, 10 December 2007

Coping Or Not?

The question in the title is quite accurate actually, because I can't tell for sure if I am coping, or if I'm not ...
Okay, to make this really annoying, I'm gonna go with both, I am coping and I am not coping! You won't win a prize for guessing that my life is confusing at the moment though, becuase I'm guessing that's fairly obvious! :)

Some things are really not working out now, there's no chance whatsoever I can make them work, so I'm trying to deal with that on both an emotional and a practical level. When it comes to the practical level, well, that's mostly about making my life work, even though there are some things that don't work - and when it comes to the emotional level, it's mostly about not getting too depressed about this whole mess. And I think I'm succeeding, at least on the emotional level, better than I have done before.
I'm certainly not happy about the way things are at the moment, but I can somehow accept that they are what they are, and I still feel that I might be able to salvage at least something. I don't have that "complete despair"-feeling that I have experienced before, I can more view this as an isolated incident. It will have implications of course, and things will be difficult in the future because of this, but at least I don't feel that my whole life is completely worthless ... guess that's something, right?!

I know I've been under an enormous amount of stress and strain lately, and I still have problem areas and 'issues' to deal with in my life, so I guess these things will happen now and again. I think that it's important not to let them drain to much energy but just view them as isolated incidents that happen, but that I can sort out in the end, without the consequences being too severe ....
I hope ...

I'm really tired, even though I haven't done much today - but it's been a very emotional day, with lots of difficult thoughts, and that might be even more tiresome than a very active "practical" day!

Finishing off with my latest Stargate graphics:

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My Plans for tomorrow: Hopefully "get back on track", and deal with the situation I'm in right now.

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