Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Back To Studies!

This morning was not really great, I had my mind set on "getting back on track", after yesterday's all-emotional-day, so I got up early, wrote a lot in my diary to clear my mind and was set on getting all my errands done as soon as the stores opened at ten! Yeah right!!
Everything that could possibly go wrong, did indeed go wrong, so it ended up taking way tooo long! I only had about 3 or 4 different things to do, but it ended up taking over 2 hours *sigh*
When I got home I found out that even more stuff at Uni are getting complicated!
Not only am I coping with two very demanding full time courses at the moment, I'm having major problems with the courses I'm going to take next semester, so I have a scheduled meeting with the student councellor tomorrow afternoon - although my councellor actually quit in September, so I'm going to a new one, which means it will take a lot of time just running through the background. On top of all that, I now found out that there's a "problem" with the department that deals with me having a mentor ... my mentor Rebecka won't be able to do it next semester, and I feel like I'm coping so well now, I don't need a new one (no one could be as good as Rebecka has been, for that matter!!), but the lady in charge just won't accept that ... so now I have to try to schedule a meeting with her too ... *sigh*

With everything that went on, and one thing going worse than the other, I didn't start studying until about 3 p.m. so now I'm completely stressed out over that! Also, I'm planning a day trip to Gothenburg with Annika - our annual Christmas tradition *yay* - but that has to coincide with my Dad bringing the car to Gotheburg so I can take it from there, and use it to go and visit my families for the holidays ....

Okay, I'm rambling, sorry! It's just that I really feel I need to study about 18-20 hours a day now, and I have about 100 other things that get in the way ... *stressing* *stressing* *stressing*

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The Darkest Night said...

hey...totally looking forward to Saturday!

Good luck with your studies!


Jessica said...

Yeah, me too! It'll be GREAT as usual! :D

And thanks - if I'm gonna cope with my courses now, I'll need all the luck I can get! ;)