Thursday, 20 December 2007

Frantic Preparations!

Today has been entirely focused on preparing for my trip to my families tomorrow!! Since I'm so completely exhausted I feel like I've forgotten a million things, but I try to write lists like crazy ... so hopefully it'll work out in the end.
So ... what did I to today? Cleaned, pretty much the entire aparment ... packed most of the stuff (although I'll pack the car tomorrow morning, so as not to upset Zorro too much) ...
And I had to take a trip to Lund too, but I was totally efficiant ... don't know if I've ever been that efficient before actually! *lol* I took the train at 1.20 and arrived in Lund about 1.40. I walked up to the general University Library to return a book, then walked 'my' Department where I had to return another book to the library there, walked to a toy store and got two last-minute-gifts for my youngest sister, and managed to take the 2.22-train back! Not bad, huh?! :)

I hope I can make one last Happy Holidays-post tomorrow, but right now I need to start winding down and figure out what I need to get done tomorrow and when I need to get up!
Take care guys!

My Life At The Moment!
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Currently watching: Can't even remember ... Family Guy, I think! :)
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My Plans for tomorrow: Trip north, playing with my sisters! :)

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