Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Getting Better!

It seems things are slowly getting better now, I hope! I've gotten more done today, although I always feel really bad about not doing even more! Guess I'm a hopeless case at that.
I still hope things will continue to go in this direction, so I can finish off here in a positive way, before heading north for the holidays. *fingers crossed*

Haven't much exciting to tell today, I've been doing some necessary stuff, getting an appointment for a hair cut, working out some stuff at Uni, getting my mail transferred to my Dad's when I'm visiting for Christmas, studied some ... nothing special really!

Tomorrow I plan to go Christmas shopping! I do have my Dad's car, but it's still quite expensive to go by car, so I usually get around by bus and train (I have a monthly pass, so I pay a fee once a month and can ride as much as I want on that - and mine doesn't expire until 20 December) - but tomorrow I plan on a big tour, so I'll take the car then!
Two big malls, and at least two other stores in on the agenda ... hopefully I'll get pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done tomorrow - I have done some already, but I really need to complete it tomorrow (more or less, anyway), because I don't have the time to go shopping much more ... So I hope I can figure out some nice gifts - I mostly have my little sister's to buy for, and it's not that hard getting presents for two girls aged 1 and 3½!! *lol*

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