Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Trying, Trying, Trying!

I have really applied myself today, trying ever so hard to at least salvage whatever I can and prepare as much as possible for my holiday trip.
Guess I should have known the outcome, huh? If I feel as bad as I do now, it doesn't matter how hard I try, everything turns out completely wrong no matter what I do ... so there you have my day!

I should have studied, cleaned, done some packing, done laundry, filled the car with gas ... etc etc etc ... I actually have done some of it, but it took 4 times as long as it should since everything that possible could go wrong, did go wrong! *deep sigh*

Even tried getting into the Christmas spirit (see my mini-Christmas trees?!!), playing Christmas music etc, but that only resulted in me realizing that at this point, this feels like the worst Christmas ever! I know it probably won't be that bad when I'm where I'm supposed to be and things start happening! I can usually cope better then, it's worse just not knowing what will happen and how it will turn out!
This year I won't stay in the summer house with Zorro, we're going to try to stay at my Dad's house, since it is after all much simpler! The summer house is 100 kilometers away, so it's both timeconsuming and expensive when I have to live there ...
But I'm completely exhausted as it is, and trying to cope with two very intense kids and a more or less crazy, insane cat ... not quite sure how that will turn out ...

My mood did improve some tonight, when I got the sweetest phonecall from Johanna!! Things have been complicated at Uni, to say the least, and it was really nice of her to call! I know I'm gonna miss her and Sara and the others when I'm gone!!

My Life At The Moment!
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My Plans for tomorrow: Fixing EVERYTHING for my trip! *help*


The Darkest Night said...

hey sis....
sorry to hear you're having a tough time..*hugs* let me know if there's anything I can do.

ps I love your Christmas trees! thanks for posting the pics!

Jessica said...

*thanks sis* Guess I'll deal with these issues too, in time. Feels rough when things get like these, but I've learned one thing over the last few years, and that is that you DO cope, simply because you have to! Life goes on and you simply HAVE to deal with it ...