Sunday, 16 December 2007

Very Sad For Some Reason!

I'm glad I managed to get my positive blog entry done this morning, because unfortunately my mood has turned around during the day! I finished one project, which was good of course, but seeing as how I really should have finished like, five or something, I don't feel to happy about myself anyway ...

For some reason I have felt really, really sad most of the day. Don't really know where it comes from either, but I guess I could be so tired I just get totally emotional about everything. And let's just face it, the emotion that comes most easy to me, is sadness.

I have some tough days coming up now, in order to get everything working before heading north for the holidays! I already know I won't feel content about leaving this year, because I will undoubtedly leave a lot of unfinished business down here, for me to deal with when I get back, and that never feels good, but I still have to try to get as much as possible done and fixed (and some things I really HAVE to do!) ...
The plan is to work like crazy, both with studies and other practical matters in the beginning of the week - we have a lecture tomorrow and a seminar on Wednesday, and then get Thursday at home, packing, doing laundry, cleaning etc. And hopefully I can get going early on Friday morning.
I can't count on internet access while I'm gone - I am of course hoping to steal some time at some point, but any online time I get will be bonus ...
I hope you won't grow tired of the blog during the holidays when it won't be updated, because I will be back in 2008 with new entries! I haven't quite decided when to go back, it depends a bit on how much studying I can get done now, and during the holidays, when the exams will be (since I have two oral exams in January, they haven't fixed dates yet) and what I can work out with my Dad about getting home ... but I will return with blog entries and probably tons of cute pictures of my little sisters! :)

I always find myself wanting to go to bed early, and I don't think I've fallen alseep before midnight for over a week now! *sigh* Looks like it's gonna be the same tonight as well ... *yawn*

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The Darkest Night said...

aw...sorry to hear you got rid of your good mood :( I hope you can find it again! (I personally recommend listening to "Oh what a beautiful mornin'"...preferably the Maguire version ;) that can usually cheer me up :) )

Jessica said...

Thanks sis ... right now things are in complete chaos, so I'm not feeling great at all ... but I guess I'll have to deal somehow ...