Saturday, 15 December 2007

Diving Down - Climbing Up?

I have certainly been "diving down" the last few days (about a week), now my hope is to be able to start "climbing up" a little so I can start sorting some stuff out before the holidays interrupt it all.

I have unfortunately been stuck with a headache for about three days now, something that annoys me a great deal! I can't function with it - it's not possible for me to be concentrated and focused when I'm in that much pain - but I still can't afford just "taking time off" either! *sigh* It's too late to do anything about anything now, so I guess all I can do is hope for a better day tomorrow! I think much would be gained if I could just get away from being in constant pain - by now no pain killer in the world will take it, because I've been eating them constantly for far too long - because I have a feeling my mood would increase just by not feeling pain. *fingers crossed*

Not many days left to try to sort everything out now, so I really hope I can get to it tomorrow morning! I plan on getting an early morning, although I'm not sure if I succeed. These days it would seem I can sleep 24/7 and still be tired!! Still, I'd better get off to bed if I'm going to be able to get up at about 5.30-6 a.m. tomorrow!

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