Thursday, 6 December 2007

My Apologies ...

... for a short entry!
I have spent the last three hours intensly studying, and I'm now completely exhausted, so I'm sorry if I'm not making much sense here ...

What I did today?! I can hardly remember ... *general confusion*
I was up early, got a few hours studying done before going down to Malmö to meet my mentor for the last time, at least before Christmas. We went for coffee and talked for a few nice hours, before it was time to go back home.
I did some shopping and had also planned to check out this new store that opened today just by the railway station, but there was a line about 100 meters outside the store and there was no way I'd wait in line only to get in!! Guess I'll have to check it out some other time!

I was really tired when I got home, so I didn't get started on my studies until after 4 p.m. *STRESS* but I've been at it with varying intensity since then ... and now I feel more dead than alive!

* need * sleep * now *

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