Monday, 3 March 2008

2nd Day In A Row!

Yes, so far managing to stay to my new "once-a-day" blogging! *lol*

I've had a completely Hebrew-focused day today, I met a friend at about 9 this morning and we studied Hebrew until our lecture began at 1, and then when I got home I prepared all the Hebrew sentences until tomorrow! Yay me! :)
Hebrew lectures are really working out fantastic right now!! I'm still lacking a fair bit of knowledge, it's a lot to take in, and I know there are certain areas I really should work a lot on, but lectures are just working out so great right now - and compared to last year, it's an astronomical difference! I think from a completley outside perspective, if somebody who didn't know me or my background or my problems, had been in class last year and now, they would have sworn I was two different persons!!! :)
Like today ... I had prepared the sentences, but I had rushed through them a bit, I didn't quite feel like they had worked out well, and this of course, made me feel anxious! The anxiety levels are nowhere near what they were a year ago, but they are there, I cannot deny that. Usually our teacher "asks" somebody to read and translate, but today he started out by asking for volunteers ... a few students responded to this, but after a while, nobody said anything ... Our teacher asked me, and it was completely out of the blue, he didn't follow any "order" and he was randomly choosing from about 15 people, so I was completely unprepared - but I read it, and I made some translation or other, and it just .... it works out! I even read wrong, which was possibly my worst fear last year, because one dot aparently indicated not one, but two things in this word - and how was I to know that?!
I think what really really amazes me though, it perhaps not so much the fact that I do read and go through with that part of things, it's the fact that when I'm doing something "wrong", it doesn't bother me!! Our teacher is the kindest man possible, and he never makes you feel bad or anything like that, but had this incident today - where I read a word wrong - happened a year ago, I don't think I would have made it to class in a number of weeks actually! And now I can just shrug it off! Amazing!!

Just one thing about Hebrew that isn't great ... sometimes our teacher asks us more general Biblical questions, that are relevant to what we are talking about! Very very often, I know the answer, but I have as of yet never been able to answer ... and that really bugs me!! Like today, he asked what two kings were regarded as "righteous" (mostly in the 2 Books of Kings), and I knew the answer (don't know their names in English - sorry! - but for those of you who read Swedish, they were Hiskia and Josia) - but somewhere in my mind this little voice kept saying: "Don't take a chance, what if you are wrong???" And that totally bugs me!!!
I know I've come such a long way this semester, and things are working out for me like never before, but it's hard to settle for that, because now that I see things actually can work out, I want to make everything I can out of it! I guess I'm just going to have to keep trying, right?

Now I'm also hoping to catch up in my New Testament course. We have a seminar on Wednesday, and I'm quite nervous about that - I haven't been to any seminars this semester, and I do find that difficult to deal with. Also, that group is nowhere as nice as the Hebrew group, which also hightens anxiety levels. I am fairly sure I will cope, but I am also fairly sure it will be difficult! I'm hoping we will get further information on what the seminar will be about, questions to think about etc at lectures tomorrow, because I know that if I'm going to cope, I need to be really prepared!!
I really should read some New Testament litterature now, but I'm really tired, and I have a very long day tomorrow, so I'm guessing I'll postpone that, and try to get to bed instead.

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