Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Some Good News ... And Some Bad!

Mixed feelings about today ... mostly good, but some bad as well! Despite I have to go against the chronological order of the day, I will start off with the bad news, only to be able to finish off with the positive ones ... :)

I'm supposed to have a seminar tomorrow, in my New Testament-course ... which I will not go to! *sigh* I had high hopes of going to seminars at this course, but not everything this semester works out! I have missed a few lectures, because I've been sick, so aparently I missed when our teacher handed out the instructions for the semiar. I found this out today, and I tried to work my way up to actually be able to approach him and ask for the instruction, and that wasn't easy! Things are generally a lot better now than before, but this group in Bible Studies (the Old and New Testament-courses are parts of a larger Bible Studies course, so it's the same group of students) ... well, I don't feel quite comfortable in this group, so things that in some way attract attention to me feel rather tough (you can notice the difference in Hebrew, a different group of students, where I'm almost always completely at ease!) ... I think I had mananged to overcome the most acute anxiety regarding the seminar-instructions, when I realized that what we had to prepare was SO much, it would have taken .... I'd make a guess and say maybe 5-7 hours! ... and that only made my anxiety worse again.
And then the thing that made me realize I would not go .... We were supposed to analyze a number of New Testament-texts, and our teacher says he should read the text out loud, because ancient texts were meant to be oral, so we should practice on how to read it, in order to best mediate the text's message ... and then we could "perform" and "dramatize" the texts during the seminar!! *YEAH RIGHT!!!* I'm NOT doing any kind of dramatic act in this group, that's for sure!!!! So, aparently, I'm going to have to make some written complement instead ....
This dampened my otherwise good mood, because I had really hoped I could have joined in the seminars on this course ... but with this final thing, no way!! And hey!! Since when are we required to act just to study the Bible?!?!? Okay, granted, those studying to be priests or ministers might have to "act" or "perform", but that is not my thing!!!
Okay, enough rambling, moving on to more positive news! :)

First out, Hebrew class this morning!! I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself more then I do when I'm there. Sure, I'm nervous and have slight levels of anxiety at times, but overall, I love this class!!! The group is really nice and friendly, our teacher is very passionate and wonderful with a great sense of humour, and I really feel at ease and like I belong there!!
I was asked to read again today ... luckily I got a really easy sentence that hardly even needed analyzing, but I'm just so extremely happy that I'm going through with this in the manner I am!!
During the second half of the lecture, we read a modern Hebrew text, which was totally cool!! We started yesterday and finished today ... there were a lot of laughs, since we are mostly used to the quite liturgical language of the Hebrew Bible - and this visit by two aparently illterate restaurang-visitors was quite funny! I also managed to answer a question that was related to this modern Hebrew text - yay me! :)

I spent the "break" between lectures (10-1) studying, mostly ... and during the New Testament lecture (before the semiar-thing came up) we found out that our Old Testament-exam was ready ... *gulp* I was most curious, especially since they are implementing a new grading system now, to more easily adapt to the European educational system ... It will take a while to get used to though ...:)
I was happily surprised when I got my exam though ... I scored 24 out of 28, which was a B (in the old system, the high grade, VG)!! I more easily reference the old system, as I'm used to that, and I'm very happy to get VG, as I really didn't think I would (I thought it not impossible I'd passed, but to get VG was quite unexpected!)!!
Also, something to think about! Practically (even though I've made some special arrangements), this semester I've been taking two full-time courses at the same time, and taking this exam and the "test" we did for Hebrew a while back - I've gotten VG on both of them!! *proud*

So, even though the end of the day at Uni was a bit disappointing, overall I'm in a good mood and have had quite a good day today! :)
Since this seminar-thing happened, I've had to change my plans for tomorrow a bit though. No seminar, obviously! I was also supposed to have lunch with Johanna, but since it's turned out like this, I really don't feel like going into town or the Department tomorrow, so I'm hoping we can re-schedule .... so tomorrow I'll only go to see a good friend and her young son in the afternoon - the rest of the time I can study at home ....

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The Darkest Night said...

very cool about the VG!

wow...the ghost song..haven't heard that one in ages...one of MKA favourites, that's for sure! (and I don't have my mka cds here (yet)...annoying... guess i'll have to try to watch a dvd instead...)

Jessica said...

Thanks sis! :)

Yeah, figured it was about time to cheer me up with some MKA-songs! :) Bummer you don't have the cds ... still ... the dvds works too!)

The Darkest Night said...

yeah....each time I'm at my parents' house i try to remember to take some cds with me home.... but i haven't gotten to the MKA ones yet.... *sigh* maybe next time...

yeah, dvds are nice too :)

Jessica said...

Good luck on getting your cds soon! :)

The Darkest Night said...

thank you! Having a cold now really messed up any chance of going to my parents house this weekend... (i wasn't well enough to go anywhere, and I really don't want to make my dad sick with a cold now...)

Jessica said...

aw, sorry to hear that! I really hope you'll get better soon!