Saturday, 29 March 2008

Back In Business!

I had a rather slack day yesterday, but have pretty much gotten back in business today.
Yesterday I went into town to meet with my Hebrew professor, only to find he wasn't there! I was only supposed to pick up an exam, and he'd left it in his mail inbox, so I could pick it up there. I also got the group-exam-paper back, which was nice. I knew I'd passed, and I had only gotten one minor comment, but everything that I can put behind me feels good right now, as so much is going on!

Apart from that, I didn't get much done, however! It felt kind of annoying, since I know I have lots and lots to do, but I guess you could afford at least one day off every now and again, right?! :)

Today I've gotten started on cleaning my apartment, I hope I'll finish it tomorrow, so it'll be set for next week. I've also started preparing Hebrew Bible-verses for next course which starts on Monday! So far I've finished everything for Monday and Tuesday, but I know upcoming week will be heavy - and next weekend I'm off north to visit my families! - so it feels good to be a bit ahead for a change!

Also found out that there's been some major changes to the Biblical Interpreation course that will start on Monday! They've included another teacher (only on three lectures or something, but still), and they've removed a lot of lectures!! The course spans the rest of the semester and we have 11 (!!) lectures planned - and that's it! I think they removed 8-10 lectures in this new schedule ... *weird* I'm curious about what will happen on the introduction on Monday!

I've been suffering from a rather annoying headache all day today - not enough to knock me out, but enough for things to be a bit difficult (especially Hebrew!), and it feels generally annoying! I'm heading off to bed soon, so hopefully I'll feel better in the morning!

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday night!

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