Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A Follow-Up!

I realize my last entry wasn't that informative, since I was about to fall off the chair when I was writing it, so I thought I'd make some kind of follow-up to it now - when taking a break from studies.

Yesterday wasn't a very good day, but I think I'll blame it on the fact that I was so tired. I don't think I would have felt so bad, had my mind been in a better shape. I'm hoping this won't effect me later on though, especially in Hebrew. I had higher anxiety levels than I have had before, and the fact that I got to read on top of that, made it a bit difficult to handle ... so I hope that won't effect me at lectures tomorrow, instead I hope I can see it as an isolated event!

I think that since things have worked out so well for me this semester, that has given me an enormous adrenaline-boost, which I have lived on since the beginning of February ... and now, going on a months and a half, my adrenaline is more or less depleted - hence me being so tired all the time! I'm still equally greatful for the fact that everything works so well, but I'm not quite as "hyper" as I was before ... I tend to get tired a lot quicker, and that effects my motivation in both classes, which isn't quite so high right now! That is a real shame, and I hope this is a temporary set-back, so I can get both my energy and my motivation back eventually!
Especially considering the fact that starting in April, I will take on yet another course, making it three courses to work out at the same time! *oops*

Okay, moving on to more pressing issues ... what's up in my life at the moment?!

Hebrew is pretty ... I don't want to say "slow", because that would be a lie, but at the moment, I simply cannot prioritize it, but must merely make sure I keep up with lectures and preparations, and not much else! A bit of a shame, as there's an exam planned to March 27th ... I cannot take it along with the others in the class, because my New Testament course has its exam at the exact same time, but I had hoped to be able to get a copy of the Hebrew exam afterwards, only to "test" myself ... but I'm not sure there's much point, if I cannot study any Hebrew at all now ... Guess I'm gonna have to think about that for a while ...

New Testament is very intense right now, at least for about a week - and it won't slow down much after that either.
Right now I'm busy preparing nine tasks for a seminar tomorrow. It's more interesting than I had expected (especially the bits that you can tie in with the Old Testament!!! *lol*), but it takes a lot of time! I have prepared about half, and I have already written a bit over 11 pages ... *yikes* And not only that, I haven't participated in any seminars this semester, so there will be a mental aspect of this that I'm gonna have to deal with as well ... finding a group to work with (I have hardly gotten to know anyone on that course *sigh*), being able to participate in discussions etc - I guess that's what I'll be doing tonight and tomorrow morning.
We have this seminar tomorrow 10-12 (I also have Hebrew 8-10), but then we don't have any more lectures this week.
During my three-day-weekend I will keep busy though. We're supposed to read one book called The Bible and Contemporary Culture, and then write an 8-9 pages long paper on that, which will take some effort. About half of it will be merely a summary of the book, but the rest is supposed to be our own thoughs and reflections on the theories the book brings forth, so that will definately take a lot of energy! (Last day to hand in the paper is next Wednesday)
Also, we're supposed to read a book called What is New Testament theology?, and we will have a so called "group exam" next Thursday on that book - also a great focus on our own thoughts and feelings and opinions, and apparently this book was rather difficult to get through - so that will also take a lot of time.

Upcoming events for me are:
On Monday I have a New Testament lecture 1-3 p.m. and Hebrew lectures 3-5 p.m. (*yawn*), on Thursday we have Hebrew 8-10 and the group exam 1-3, on Wednesday we have a New Testament lecutre 10-12 and I might be visiting a friend after that - and Thursday has Hebrew 8-10. After that, there's an "Easter break" (if you can call it that), and one Hebrew lecture the following Tuesday ... and then the exam (New Testament and Hebrew at the same time, so I'm going to have to take NT) on March 27th ...
And before that I have to hand in a paper on a seminar I didn't go to ...
So yeah ... I will no doubt keep busy in the future!

I really have some thoughts on the future after these courses too, but I'm guessing I should look too far ahead, at the risk of loosing all conception of reality! :)
At least this has given you a bit of an insight on what's going on right now.
Not much time for relaxing activities, but I hope I can at least meet some friends every now and again. Sara has been away for quite some time now, but she's back for good soon, so I hope I can hang out with her and Johanna occasionally at least - to get some kind of perspective on things and not get completely stuck in the Bible! :)

Oh yeah, one thing before I sign off for now. I'm seriously considering giving up on my other blogs. The weight-blog never really got going the way I wanted it to, and my efforts at loosing weight are very irregular. One week I can focus a lot of my weight and loose quite a lot, only to let go completely and gain a lot ... *sigh* My intention is still to really try, but I'm not sure if it'll work out, and the blog does not seem to work out.
Also, the Social Phobia blog isn't working either. I kind of like it, but I don't have the time or energy to update it the way I want, and even though I maintain my idea that you're never really "cured" from something like Social Phobia, I don't suffer from it the way I have previously, so the only intent of the blog seems lost ... I would like to keep a Swedish blog with more "serious" and thematic thoughs (that is, not like this blog which mostly focuses on day-to-day activities) ...
I haven't quite made up my mind yet, so you'll have to wait and see what happens! :)

Take care!

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