Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Slack But Still Tired!

I'm really tired tonight, and not getting much done, but my day hasn't been that intense at all. I have kept "doing" things, but none of it difficult or intense in that way ... so I really shouldn't be as tired as I am ...

New Testament lecture at 10 ... it said we were supposed to go through moments we missed on the course, be able to ask questions etc. but it turned out to be nothing more than a major evaluation (for two hours!!) ... I think it's really good to have these kinds of follow-ups, the teacher from the Old Testament course came as well, to sum things up, and that's good, but it felt strange to use an entire lecture for it! Good in the sense that you didn't have to be focused or concentrated, but still, it felt like the time could have been better spent if we had actually done something ...

At 12 I met Sara for lunch, yay!!!!! I have really missed her, and it was GREAT catching up! We'll be taking the next course together (Biblical interpretation) and I'm really looking forward to that - we haven't studied together since we got to know eachother, which was fall semester 2006!!!
We had a lovely lunch, with lots of laughter - and also agreed on having a sushi-night with Johanna!! I've never even had sushi before, so I'm definately looking forward to that - very exciting!! :)

After lunch I went to Malmö to meet a friend and her 3 months-old baby, D!!! Sooooo cute!!! :D He keeps growing and growing so much for every time I see him, it's absolutely amazing!!
I got home about six, and hasn't gotten much done since then, unfortunately! I'm gonna be SO busy during the upcoming week, but I've been battling off a throbbing headache the entire day (it started on the train to Uni!), so even though I managed to get rid of it when I got home, I've been really tired ... I have started clearing up a bit, and I hope I can get a bit more done before going to sleep ....

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The Darkest Night said...

Sounds like a nice day :)

Jessica said...

Yeah, it wasn't all that bad! :D