Thursday, 27 March 2008

At Long Last!

I'm so sorry for my lack of entries here, but what can I say? It's a crazy, crazy, crazy world out there!!
Things have mostly been focused on my New Testament exam, which took place today! Unfortunately I was behind on two other projects for that course, which took up most of my Easter weekend, so I had pretty much two days (not even whole days!) to finish all 55 questions for the exam - and some of them were huge!!!
Needless to say, yesterday I walked between the kitchen table - where I looked up the answers and wrote them down - and the computer - where I typed them. I kept going, more or less living on coffee and caffein-pills, and I finished at 3.15 a.m. this morning! *YAWN*!
I slept until about 7.30, then printed all the questions, and could afford to take things easy a little bit this morning, while trying to review the questions.
I left at about 11.30, which was very early (the exam was at 2), but I figured I could study at Uni too. Lucky for me, I went early! First there was an accident here in town, so my bus was almost 15 minutes late (meaning I had missed one train), and then when I got to the trainstation the train I was going to take was really late! It usually takes me about 15 minutes by train, today it took an hour!!! *yikes*
When I got to where the exam was taking place, it was almost circus. I was taking the New Testament exam with my group, and in the room next-door, my Hebrew-friends (*lol*!) was taking their exam!!
My exam was 'okay', and I will be surprised if I didn't pass, because then I must have misunderstood big-time. I can't be sure that I'll get VG (the high-grade, equivalent to A or B in the ECTS-system), because it's really hard to get that in the new system, and for that I'll need some luck! But I feel confident I passed, and that's the main thing, because then I can honestly put this course behind me now! *yay*

Tomorrow I'll go back to Uni and meet the Hebrew professor, I'm going to get the exam they took yesterday to check it out during the weekend - only for my personal benefit (since I've already taken that course). I really would have wanted to set up a potential exam-situation here at home and take it "properly" (that is, in the same way as if I'd taken it today), but that won't work, because I have focused so much on NT lately and a lot less on Hebrew ... so there's not really much point in trying to make it into a 'real' exam, when I haven't studied the way I would have for a 'real' exam! Still, I think it's good to check it out, and I suspect we'll go through it on Monday, at least I'll have an idea what it's about then! :)

Other plans for the weekend ... I won't be stressing the way I have these last few days, but I certainly have a lot planned. Tomorrow morning I'll take some time to check out the town after seeing my Hebrew professor, I hardly ever get to do that anymore, and the rest of the weekend I have to clean my apartment, do a ton of laundry, check out the Hebrew exam (go back and repeat some grammar first I suspect! *lol*), start preparing Hebrew sentences (biblical verses) for next week and get started on my reading-course in Hebrew ... sound like I'll be busy?! Yeah, I thought so! *lol*

Still, I'm in a really good mood today, I feel proud of myself for actually completing all the New Testament questions, despite the fact that they took so much time, I feel confident I passed the exam today, and I feel pretty confident about the future in general, even though I know I'm for studies 24/7 for the next few months!! But I really don't mind!! I'm really starting to feel at ease at Uni, I'm coping with the social situation in a way that I don't think I ever have before, I'm taking subjects I'm interested in (at least most of the time ...), I'm even getting more and more established at the Department, I'm learning that talking to teachers is just like talking to other, normal human beings ...
Yeah, like I said ... things feel pretty good right now! :)

So, on that positive note, I will sign off and say Good Night - because I am indeed very tired right now! :) Take care!

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Anonymous said...

Be proud Jessica, not only because the New Testament exam, for all that you have achieved during the last two years. Put your head up high, you can do whatever you set your mindt to. And do you know what, I'm so proud of you.
The one who always know that you could.

Jessica said...

Awww, thank you! *big happy smile* I'm actually learning to BE proud about my accomplishments now, but it's not always easy! I guess I always carry a fear that things will somehow revert back to what they were if I get to happy or to proud ...
But I am learning to live more in the moment - be happy and proud NOW and trying not to worry that much about what might happen in the future! :)