Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A Slight Turn-around?!

I have had a better day today - it's been long and tiresome, but I have felt better than I have for the past week or so, and I'm greatful for that!
Hebrew first this morning, I hadn't prepared anything, but since I'm always at Uni early, I at least managed to rush through about nine sentences before it started getting busy. Luckily, I didn't have to read anything though!
I find it frustrating that I'm getting more and more nervous about this whole reading-thing, but I guess all I can do is hang in there, and not start avoiding it - because I know for certain how disastrous that can be! Also, it will be a bit different when we start the next Hebrew course, which focuses more on interpretation than pure language-skills, so I guess my anxieties should ease up a bit then!

After Hebrew I stayed at the Department studying, so I did all the sentences for Thursday's Hebrew class, and also managed to review the book we were having a group exam on.
Said exam started at 1.15, and I wasn't quite as nervous as I thought I'd be. I mostly find it difficult to form smaller groups (I have a strong feeling this has come up before *lol*), but today - like on the last seminar - it worked out very smoothly, and those of us seated together formed a group. I also got to work with a girl I have spoken a little to before, we got started talking right before the Old Testament exam, and we've had a few words here and there since then. She seems really nice, and it felt good to have someone at least a little familiar in the group.
The discussions were okay, but not great - but that was also due to the fact that the questions were really strange.
We were supposed to disucss them for 45 minutes, then take 45 minutes to write down individual answers - but I felt it was so much focus on personal opinions, it felt almost stupid to do it as an "exam" ... I appreciate the fact that our teacher wants us to think for ourselves, form our own opinions, and not only learn what everybody else thinks - but how can you have an exam on personal opinions? The concept of 'if you don't agree with the teacher, you've failed' hardly seem plausible, now does it?
I don't think he even can fail anyone, so I think it was rather strange. Still, it's his decision, and at least it's over and done with!

I've fallen way far behind in both Hebrew and New Testament now ... I was supposed to hand in a paper tomorrow, that is not going to happen! But at least I have an entire week with only two lectures, so I'm hoping to be disciplined, and be able to catch up a bit then!

Also found out tonight, that I'm going to meet Sara for lunch tomorrow - yay!!! She's been gone forever now, and I haven't seen her since we had my birthday celebration, so I'm really really looking forward to it! Also fits perfectly, because I have a New Testament lecture 10-12 and will head down to Malmö to meet a friend around 1.30-2, so a lunch inbetween there is perfect! :)

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The Darkest Night said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good day :)

As for the exam, I think I had a similar one once (in another subject)..and I would suspect the teacher doesn't really base the grade on what your opinions are, but simply by how you are able to express them and maybe connect them to the litterature/facts....

anyway...hope to see you online some day soon..miss you! *hugs*

Jessica said...

I think you're right about the exam, but the teacher recived some criticism for it today at evaluations, and I think in part it was called for. I don't mind him doing this kind of thing, but the way it was handled, the kinds of questions involved, the time-frame etc - it just so was NOT fit for an "exam" ... I wouldn't have minded if it had been a mandatory project within the course, but making it an exam just felt wrong.
Still, I guess it's over now, so I should worry too much, right?! :)

I hope to see you online soon too - was LONG ago now!!!

The Darkest Night said...

sounds pretty annoying....

yeah, it's been way too long!!