Sunday, 9 March 2008

Moving On To Paul!

Having spent most of yesterday reading through the New Testament, today I have focused on the epistles of Paul! Actually not my favourite part of the Bible, or the New Testament, so I'm more and more realizing why I'm going to focus my further studies on the Old Testament!
I feel so much more inspired and interested in the Hebrew studies, even just plain old language studies with a million different verb forms, than the New Testament, so at least I'm finding out I have made the right choice when it comes to future studies! :)

The next week and a half will be sooooo demanding!! I really hope I can keep up with writing an entry here once a day, but I won't promise anything! Until next Wednesday I'm supposed to:
  • Read one book and answer questions in regards to it (have read the first chapters and done questions today).
  • Read another book and write an 8 page-long paper on it.
  • Write another paper (won't know any details until tomorrow about that)
  • Prepare for a seminar on Thursday
  • Read yet another book on which we will a "group-exam" (kind of complicated story) next Tuesday (March 18)
So yeah, I will keep busy! *dreading it already*
On top of that I will have to keep up in Hebrew and it least prepare the sentences for each lecture. I know I'm going to have "let go" of the Hebrew assignments if things gets to much, but I know that if I stop preparing for each lecture, I probably will fall so far behind I won't be able to catch up. So even though I won't "study" any Hebrew, I still have to prepare the sentenecs for each day, otherwise I don't think I can continue with that course ...
But needless to say, it won't be easy ...

Wish me luck!

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