Monday, 17 March 2008

Tiresome Start!

I'm completely exhausted right now, so I can't help but be a bit nervous about how the rest of the week will turn out.
I was supposed to get a lot of studying done this morning, but it started snowing a lot and I was a bit worried about the trains not leaving in time. I kept checking and aparently they did have a complete loss of power a bit north of where I live, so all trains were standing. They managed to get the schedule back to normal from my trainstation pretty soon though, so at least I managed to get into town, even though the weather was really terrible!

New Testament lecture first, I was pretty tired but it was an okay lecture - delt with the theology of John!
After that Hebrew, and by then I was really tired! I also have noticed that I'm getting more and more nervous and anxious about Hebrew, and that upsets me a bit! I've been coping so well with it before, and it bugs me that I keep getting rather high anxiety levels about reading and translating. It hasn't gotten too far yet, I am doing it and I'm not completely tortured by it, but it still bothers me to see this change - I was a lot more comfortable with it some three or four weeks ago. I guess it could be a combination of the fact that the texts are getting harder, and that I'm really really really tired right now.
We had a massive text today, with 18 sentences, so for the first time, every student got to read a sentence! :) I think I got the shortest one, which was fairly easy - but I was still really nervous, and I kind of made a mistake ...

We were done at 5, and when I got to the train station, the trains were, of course, a mess! It was snowing really bad, with strong winds, so I guess that was pretty given. One train managed to be on time, so I was still in my home town at about 5.45 - and then I had to go shopping. Even the city buses were late, so I wasn't home until about 7 p.m. - definately more dead than alive - and completely frozen!!

Zorro was outright insane, since I had been gone for so long, so I tried coping with him, unpacking my groceries, preparing some food, eating some food (and inbetween all of these things: coping with Zorro) ... and now I feel dead!

I was supposed to have studied tonight, I have 14 sentences for Hebrew to prepare - for tomorrow - and we have a group exam on a somewhat complicated book in New Testament tomorrow afternoon - but I have no energy whatsoever.
I'm hoping that if I can go to sleep now, I can get up at 4 a.m. - that way I might be able to prepare at least some of the Hebrew sentences tomorrow morning before I leave (that is: if the trains are running at all, because at the moment it looks like we're snowed in!), and then I can study for the exam between 10 and 1 tomorrow ... sounds like a plan, at least!
So in accordance with my plan, I'm saying Good night and going to bed!

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