Thursday, 6 March 2008

Quick Recoveries!

I think what I have mostly thought about today, is my ability to quickly recover from set-backs these days! I felt rather down yesterday night, and even though nothing of what went wrong then has been solved yet, I have still been able to go through with this day and make it work out really well ... which also means that what happened yesterday don't get quite so big, and it doesn't destroy the rest of my life ... which it usually did earlier!

Hebrew lectures this morning, I was asked to read again!! It's the third time in a row now, but I'm actually really greatful for it, because even though it doesn't bother me anymore, I still have the feeling of the more I do it, the better prepared I will for future challenges, no matter what they are! I also got the "funny sentence" today, everybody - including me and our teacher! - laughed at it: (attempting to transcribe) mawaet basir, which roughly translates: "There's death in the pot!" *lol*
Things worked out well at lectures, and toward the end, we read The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew, which was quite nice! We've come so far now, that we could read quite a lot of it, and given help with certain words, pretty much all of it ... very exciting! One verb-form looked a bit strange, and our teacher said that we had covered this and wondered if anyone dared trying to analyze it ... I did, and I was correct!! YAY! I hope this doesn't sound too pretentious, because I certainly don't intend to be that, I'm just trying to clarify how very far I have come in this class, because this was not even in my imagination last year! During this part of the course last year, I think I was at, at the most, one lecture a week (there's usually five!) ... so there's such a massive difference, I find it difficult to explain!

I had a study-date with Lena afterwards, and even though a lot of sentences were very strange, at least we managed to prepare all of them.
At 12 I met Johanna for lunch, and it was really great catching up with her again!! I'm so completely up in my studies now, everything I do focuses on one course or another, and it's a great relief to just take a break from it and relax a bit! Sara is visiting Martin in the very north of Sweden right now, but it won't be toooo long before she's back, so I hope we can have another "girl's night", the three of us, when she's back (and hopefully after my New Testament-exam ....)!!

I've been massively tired all afternoon, so I haven't gotten quite as much done as I had hoped! I've been very tired for a while now, and also suffered a lot of headaches ... so I'm thinking I need to start taking a lot of vitamins! I'm probably not getting enough of them at all these days, and I think that could at least prevent me from being exhausted all the time! :)

Soon weekend! Makes no major difference for me, as I have to study sooooo much all the time now - I really should read one book and write an 8 or 9 pages long report on it during this weekend!! *nervous laugh* Don't think I'll cope with that, but I have to at least get most of it done, that's for sure!!

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The Darkest Night said...

There's death in the pot... now that's an intersting expression... i like it! :)

good to hear you had a nice day *hugs*

Jessica said...

*LOL* Oh yeah, even funnier if you go around reciting it in Hebrew, nobody has a clue! We did have a few laughs in class as well ... a friend of mine found it fascinating, so I suggested she'd start using it when she had prepared dinner for her boyfriend! *LOL*

The Darkest Night said...

LOL that's so funny! do you say it in Hebrew?? *curious* or is it un-writable? lol....

Jessica said...

well, that depends on how you look at it, I don't think I can pop the Hebrew letters in here, even though I can write it by hand, but troughly transcribed, that is, how you actually SAY it, it would be something like this:
mavaet basir
(mavaet means death, and basir is componed of three different words, and kinda translates into "in the pot")
*LOL* Hope this helps!! :D